Celebrating all former United States Military Bases that existed in the Philippines over time.
If you were located on a base of any branch of service, on any Island of the Philippines or know of
one that is not listed here, please make the
Webmaster aware of it. I will make a point of posting
this base, also investigate and photograph it's location as it is today. Any photos of these bases
during their operation will be appreciated and the memory and history can continue on.

Bagobantay Naval Radio Transmitting Station; Luzon, Philippines

Camp Angles; Luzon, Philippines

Camp Burrowes; Philippines

Camp Cavite; Luzon, Philippines

Camp Connell; Philippines

Camp Downes; Ormoc City, Leyte Island, Philippines - NEW !!

Camp Eldridge; Philippines

Camp Hartshorne; Lao-ang Island, Samar, Philippines

Camp John Hay Air Base; Luzon, Philippines

Camp Kiethley; Mindanao, Philippines

Camp O'Donnell; Luzon, Philippines

Camp Overton; Mindanao, Philippines

Cavite Naval Base; Luzon, Philippines

Clark Air Base; Luzon, Philippines

Canacao Naval Hospital; Philippines

Capas Tarlac Transmitter Facility; Luzon, Philippines - UPDATING !!

Crow Valley Bombing Range; Luzon, Philippines

Corregidor Island; Luzon, Philippines

Cubi Point Naval Air Station; Luzon, Philippines

Del Carmen Air Field; Luzon, Philippines

Del Monte Air Base; Philippines

Dipolog Field; Philippines

Fort Drum; El Fraile Island, Luzon, Philippines

Fort Frank; Caraboa Island, Luzon, Philippines

Fort Hughes; Caballo Island, Luzon, Philippines

Fort Mills; Corregidor Island, Luzon, Philippines

Fort Santiago; Luzon, Philippines

Fort Stotsenburg; Luzon, Philippines

Fort William McKinley; Luzon, Philippines

Guiuan Army Air Field; Samar, Philippines - OPENED !!

Iba Air Field; Luzon, Philippines

Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group; Luzon, Philippines

Kindley Army Air Force Base; Corregidor Island, Philippines

Mactan Air Base; Cebu, Philippines

Malabang Field; Mindanao, Philippines

Mangaldan Airdrome; Philippines

Momo De Airfield; Negros, Philippines

Moret Airdrome; Zamboanga, Philippines

Mount Santa Rita Naval Link Station; Luzon, Philippines

Nichols Field; Luzon, Philippines

Nielson Field; Luzon, Philippines

Pettit Barracks; Zamboanga, Philippines

Samar Point - Base 17; Samar, Philippines

San Miguel Naval Communications Station; Luzon, Philippines

Sangley Point Naval Base; Luzon, Philippines

Sternberg Army Hospital; Luzon, Philippines

Subic Bay Naval Repair Facility; Luzon, Philippines

Tacloban Air Field; Leyte, Philippines

Tanauan Air Field; Philippines

Torokina Field; Philippines

U.S. Military Port of Manila; Luzon, Philippines

Wallace Air Station; Luzon, Philippines

~ Other Military Related Locations ~

• Mount Samat - Bataan Peninsula; Luzon, Philippines

~ Historical facts of the US and Philippine Military Battles of World War II ~
( These Stories Will Come On Line As Time Goes On )

• Battle of Bataan

• The Bataan Death March

• The American Guerrilla in the PI

• The Battle at Corrigador

• MacArthers Return to the Philippines

• The Battle of Zig Zag Pass

This site was built to preserve the History and Memories of the former US bases that existed in the Philippines over time. Also to preseve the battle history of these locations, which our Military's and the Philippines endured, hoping that it will not be forgotten, which could be the single cause of history repeating itself.

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