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Posted 6-9-02
Mike Meyer, Security Police, 80 - 83

I Was stationed at Camp O'Donnald / Crow Valley from 80 to 83. Had a good time. Was in the Security Police Career field, on the Law Enforcement side. Retired in 1994 and now living in Las Vegas. 4505 Minaret Way, N.LV, NV, 89031, 702-648-5370

Posted 7-14-02
James "MAX" Maxwell, SSgt, 3rd TEWTS/SP, 89 - 91

I was stationed at COD from 89-91. We may have been "The Outcasts" but damn it, we had fun! Miss the parties, squadron sports and getting chased down Fields with Robbie Neal by the INP. Anybody have some five stars?   Col Todd AKA Col Toad and his brother Dig 'em smacks was great! The guy that took his place was a loser! I miss all the fellas. We worked hard (lol) and played harder!

Posted 9-7-02
MSgt Alan Eason, Feb 1982- Aug 1985

I started out as a slick sleeve and left there as a Senior Airman. I was a Range Safety Technician at the Crow Valley Range Complex. After nearly 22 years, I'm getting ready to retire and hope to move back to Angeles City within 15 years.  I went back to Crow Valley in 2000. The volcano really did a number on my old stomping grounds.  The only thing I could recognize was the small hill we used as an observation post for the conventional bombing range.  It would be great to contact some of the old running buddies to swap stories of the best days in the Air Force!

Posted 10-2-02
SSgt Richard O'Daniel, 1961st Comm Group HF Comm Supervisor,  1987 - 1991

Anybody else out there from that time frame?

Posted 11-07-02
William O'Morrissey  SO2 USS Tingey DD539 1951-1955

I did not serve. Visited the Camp several times during short stays at Subic. Openly prayed for the souls of that horrific Camp... to this very day, all POW"s and MIA's are on my prayer list. Whether WW11, Korea or Viet Nam.... I WILL NEVER FORGET... NEVER!

Posted 12-06-02
David A. (Al) Kirchoff, Dependent, 1948-1949

David A. (Al) Kirchoff, dependent of a US Army dental officer.  Stationed there in 1948-1949 and then moved to Clark Field.  At O'Donnell, we lived in a quonset hut on what I recall was called "typhoon ridge".  I was in the sixth grade and our teacher was Mrs. Pickering.  Would really like to see maps and photos etc.

Posted 12-10-02
L/Cpl A.J. Baker, (Wildman), 1986 - 1987

USMC Marine Barracks. Looking to chat with other jarheads at Camp O'Donnell during 1986-87.

Posted 12-28-02
SRA Robert P. Shuster, 3rd TEWTS Fire Department, 84 to 89

Posted 2-02-03
Jay Wilson, , '76 - '77. 1961st, OL/D, Tech Control.

Started my tour as A1C, left as "Buck" Sgt. When I was at COD, MSgt Billy Gilliam was NCOIC of Tech Control and CMSgt Helmut Reichel was the OL/D Chief. COD's commander was Maj Thomas Wilson (no relation, although my house boy gave me his uniforms once <grin>). I have LOTS of memories of my time at COD, most good, some bad/sad. I remember the parties at the COD's lake ("use the body system") and the NCO club. I also remember when the NPA shot-up the "Navy" bus, not a good time. The trips to AC and all the "running" that we did. I especially remember the trips to John Hay. I'd like to go back someday. Since I discovered this site, I've gone through my memory banks to remember names from those days. If anyone from the same years sees this note, contact me and we can compare name lists. Cheers, Jay

P.S. Anyone remember the words to the COD song? We used to sing it on the way back from AC.  I guess too much time has washed away that memory. (Or maybe it was too many San Miguel's.)

Posred 3-06-03
Chris Spears, 1987 - 1991

I worked at Crow Valley from April 87-Jun 91.  Civilian with Ford Aerospace, Range Control Officer.  Now working for Avon Park Air Force Bombing Range - Oct 91 to present.

Posted 3-30-03
David Gotham, 1979 - 1984

I work in power production on the generators on the range and some times in the Main power plant. I got there as AB left as a SGT . I got out of the Airforce in 1986. I went into the coast guard in 1987 and retired in 2001. Camp OD left a lasting impression in my life one I will never forget. Working with Scott Seymour. Garry Batchalor. Ward Hemming  Garry laidlaw Curtis Marshall and the rest of the COD power pro gang was great. hey guys remember the 21 club or the eight ball. the shows at the Nipa Hut. The parties at the COD lake house.

Posted 10-25-03
Rick McMullen, Sgt., USAF, Aug."74-Sept."75

I was a 'buck sgt." in the security police. I was at Clark for a couple of months and worked security at some kind of ammo/bomb storage site. Then I heard about this place called Camp O'Donnell that was way out in the boonies.   I put in for a transfer there and got it. Boy what a shock going from Clark to Camp O'Donnell! One barracks for everybody, one chow hall and one combination Airman/NCO/Officer's Club.   We had a black Captain who was the highest ranking person on site and the only officer. He was a good guy, wish I could remember his name. He, along with anyone over the rank of Staff Sgt. would go back to Clark on the afternoon bus. That pretty much left the buck sgts. the run of the place.   To say it was informal would be a gross understatement. After 1630 on friday until 0800 on monday anything could and did happen. More than once we would send a "weapons carrier", a big open bed 4-wheel drive vehicle into Angeles City with specific requests to bring back a load of Filipino bar girls. Getting up on Saturday morning it was not unusual to have Filipino bar girls in the showers giggling when G.I.'s came in to do their business.   I don't remember any parties out at the lake but I remember often running out there in my flip flops in my swimming suit and going swimming.   I would work out in the little weight room every day and play basketball with a kid named "Zack" from Kentucky, I think. I also would climb up on the roof of the barracks and lay on an old mattress someone had drug up there. I got positively black from sunning up there. Jesus it would get hot, its a wonder I don't have skin cancer from that crap.   I also worked out at the Crow Valley Gunnery Range. I would drive from Crow Valley back to O'Donnell for the 2000 movie in the NCO Club then after the movie I would drive back to Crow Valley. Driving back there in the dark was spooky as hell. We were under martial law and the "Huks" were always rumored to be planning to overun O'Donnell to steal weapons from our sad little armory. I would be driving through these little villages all by myself with my little .38 on my hip and I just knew I was going to be stopped and robbed. I should have just stayed at Crow Valley but I couldn't resist going back to O'Donnell for the evening movie, it sure broke up the nights.   Working Crow Valley was kinda fun, especially when I would go up in the tower and watch the pilots do dive-bomb practice and strafing runs in F4 Phantoms and F5 Skychiefs or whatever they were called. It was funny to listen to the AF pilots in the tower talking to the pilots and giving them their scores after their bombing/strafing runs.   I stayed in a little mobile home at Crow Valley, sometimes with a little female companionship. You know how it goes!  That was about as much fun as I've had in my whole life during my months at O'Donnell. We also used to have a ball having a whole busload of security police guys going to Angeles City for a night of drinking/whoring. We could take bottles of booze from the O"Donnell NCO club because we had off-base ration cards. Some guys would sell their booze/cigarette rations downtown on the black market. Not me I was too scared I would end up in a Filipino hell-hole of a prison.   I can only remember a few names from way back then, 74-75. There was a TSGT Satterfield, Sgt. Baker, he had a car we drove up to Bagio in once, there was Zack, Sgt. Jesse Guy, and a black guy named Tony McMullen.   Can you believe that I, and I think everyone else was unaware of the WWII history of the place. I sure wish I had known while I was there. Before I forget we were treated somewhat special by way of being stationed at O'Donnell. We got to wear bright orange fatigue hats that said Camp O'Donnell and had a skunk logo on them, very cool. We also were issued jungle boots. Wish I still had both of those items now.   Anybody that wants to swap lies about O'Donnell please contact me.

Posted 10-25-03
Charles T. Attardo, A1C, Apr 1965 to Jul 1966

I was the Asst Security Police Supervisor at Camp O'Donnell from Apr 65 to Jul 66. Looking for anyone else (Security Police) at the Camp during this period. 

Posted 10-25-03
Eric Watson, A1C - Sgt - GS11, 1981 - 1986 and 1987 - 1990

Assigned to COD in 81, worked on the T-1 at Tango Site until it fell on me in 83. Reassigned to Cope Thunder HQ at Clark AB till 86 when I got out. Came back with Ford Aerospace in 87 and lived the life till 90. This a great thing to have available to all of us for keeping in touch. All the people and events changed me forever and will never be forgotten. lol to all of you folks.  I still pray for Bill, Don and their families.

Posted 10-25-03
Douglas S. Rajski, E-3, 1963 - 1965
Det. 4, 1961st Comm Grp., AFSC 30450  

Loved the PI. Made some good friends and would like to go back for a visit some day.

Posted 10-25-03
Greg Zimmerman, 1975 - 1977
3rd TEWTS (Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron)

I can't remember what grade I was when I arrived at COD, but I left as a SSgt.  Some of the guys who were there when I was are Rick Rambusch, Don Seih & Mitch Portnoy: I wish I could remember more.  If anybody that was there during this time frame sees this message, please email me.

Posted 10-25-03
Rick Goodenow, 1980 -1982

Stationed at COD from 1980 -1982 with the Fire Deptment.

Posted 10-25-03
SSgt Jim McGregor, July 1978 - July 1980

I worked in Plans and Scheduling.   The time at COD was great!  Especially the Freaker's Ball, the Stinger, and everything else I barley remember.  I retired as a Chief in December 2000...  I ran into SSgt Roy Smith from Maintenance Control at the Hoover Dam in 2000.  I would like to have e-mail addresses of anyone who was there from '78 to '80

Posted 10-25-03
Dwight Gross, 1980 - 1982
AB then SGT then much, much later SSgt
3 TEWTS, T-1 at Tango Site then Crow Valley Range Safety. (Update 2-23-05)

Hi all!  Can you say "ANIMAL"?  Gee, where is that Mark Riddle now a days? I have lots of fond memories about COD and the Valley in general.  I left the Valley to go to Det 1 at Villamour AB in Manila.  I have made several friends both GI and local.  I still remember the three civilian bomb scorers:  Cito, Dan, and Orley.  If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let me know.  Plus my favorite DOD guard, Willie.  How about those "Cope Thunder" missions AKA "Cope Blunder"?  And oh yeah, the Philippine Liar er Flyer :). I have thought about heading there someday if a reunion is ever planned.  At least, we can email one another.  I still have lots of slides I have taken while there including several when the Real McCoy, THE CMSGT OF THE AF paid us a visit at the Lake.  Boy, was that a hoot!

For COD to have been my first assignment I feel extremely fortunate. I still have my Airman of the Quarter plaque with the OUTCAST SKUNK proudly displayed and that has got to be my favorite award I have earned in my career. I guess I got a little lengthy but gee, lots of fond memories :)

Posted 10-26-03
Kenneth Stufflebeam, 1946

I would like to contact any of the Filipino soldiers that were in my Automotive School in Camp O'Donnel after the end of WWII.  My name is Kenneth Stufflebeam - I married a Philippine national.  I worked as a civilian instructor for the War Department in 1946 after my discharge in the Philippines. I remember one name Esteva Roque and one Dampios.  WWII veteran of the 5th Air Force - 345th Bomb Grp.,

12986 N St Hwy 78 - Lewistown, IL - 61542 - USA.

Posted 10-28-03
Ellwood (Woody) Barrosse, A1C to SRA, 1984 - 1986

Do you get looks of disbelief when you try to describe the P.I.? I just tell them it was interesting and leave it at that. Any one that was there send me a line.

Posted 11-2-03
Rick Goodenow, 1980 -1982

3 TEWTES Camp O'donnell Fire Dept.

Posted 11-3-03
Ed Rosina, E-4, 2876th GEEIA SQ., 1967

We did a TDY up to Camp O'Donnell to install some microwave equipment. The chow and the service in the chow hall impressed me the most. While there, my mother sicked the RED CROSS on me for not writing home. Got in trouble with the first shirt for that one.

Posted 11-27-03
SSgt Sonny Deleon, Dec 1978 - Sep 1982

Take it down! I do remember most of the names on the message board that was at Camp O'Donnell during 1978 to 1982. I worked in Materiel Control and Maintenance Control. My tour at Camp O'Donnell was definitely my best assignment. After my tour at Camp O'Donnell, my next assignment was Travis AFB where I flew C-5s as a Flight Engineer for 15 years. I was able to visit Clark AB frequently until my retirement in 1997. I did run into several people from Camp O'Donnelll during my many TDYs. I'm still in touch with Joe San Juan who worked in the Orderly Room about the same time I was at COD. By the way, my family and I are now residing in Manila so I can definitely attend any planned reunion.

Posted 11-27-03
Steve Southerland, 1986 - 1988

Wow, just about the time I thought no one even knew about 3 TEWTS and the Crow Valley Range I happened on this sight! I was the Contracting Officer that contracted out the range to Ford Aerospace in 86 and managed the contract until 88. Many happy memories except the time a big snake fell on me while climbing into an observation tower waiting for some action in the strafe pit. Working with a former Marine pilot who flew the range in the 80s. He and I are the only ones who can relate to COD and what went on there.

Posted 11-28-03
Wayne Criswell, 1963 - 1965

My name is Wayne Criswell and I was stationed at Camp O’Donnell in Nov. 1963 – May 1965.  Rank at the time was A2C, made A1C in route to Germany from COD and later SSGT.  I was in the 1961st Communications Group…Some of the airman stationed with me were SSGT Spraggins, TSGT Schrum, TSGT Fujimoto, Doug Marrs, Joe Lambert, Dave Erickson, Doc. Reno (bite by Snake), Sam Linder.  CWO-4 (Bulldog) Drummond was the commander.  I would like to hear from anyone who was stationed there at the same time. Joe Lambert and I have kept in touch for the past 40 years and old friends are great to remember the past with. Joe Lambert is in the process of writing a book about our experiences while stationed there.

Posted 12-13-03
Douglas S. Rajski, E-3, 1961st Comm Group, Detachment 4, Oct 1963 - Mar 1965

Interested in finding some old buddies from Camp O'Donnell.  I've already located Larry Coppock, and am looking for Sam Linder, Doug Marrs, and anyone else at O'Donnell during that time. Thanks!

Posted 12-13-03
Rodger "Clem" Clemons

My father, Aaron Lee "Clem" Clemons was captured on Corregidor.  Did these Marines also come to O'Donnell?  Does anyone know my dad?   Semper Fi  

Posted 12-26-03
James "MAX" Maxwell, 1989 - 1991

Was a SSGT 3 TEWTS/SP Camp O'Donnell, AS Crow Valley Range Complex.

Posted 8-30-04
Arthur Morales
, Spc.4, 1956

Fixed radio communications. Looking for Romero (Air Force), Sgt Baldasarre (Army),  Apuna (Army) and looking for a phone number on the base in order to try and get more info. Thank You

Posted 9-6-04
Tom Simmons, Sgt, 1980 - 1981
Lima Site, MPQ-10

Just thought I would send a note and see if anybody is out there. I do think of all the fun we had and miss the good times at the 21 and Eight Ball. If any are out there I would like to get some e-mails and hash over the old times. Especially looking for Blue and Don.

Posted 9-6-04
Shawn Scott, 1990 - 1991

LE 3rd Tewts/Valley First impression was "Are we ever going to get there?" Bus Rides were a trip, driving to the valley in the hummers, first time I heard a straffing run at the valley, these are memories I will never forget. Cobras during mating season, Big Toads, Rainy season. I wouldn't trade them for a minute. That was the closest I ever was to a group.  I remember Nes Galang was always in the Amory to keep me awake when I was desk Sgt on 3rds.  I still have a copy of the coup attempt of "Major Toad"  

Posted 9-14-04
Charles (Chuck) Attardo, 1965

Hi, My name is Charles (Chuck) Attardo and was an Air Policeman (Supervisor/Ass't Supervisor) at the camp in 1965 until June 1965. Trying to locate any AP's or Admin. personnel at that time.  Thanks.

Posted 2-5-05
John E Jackson MSGT., NCOIC Red Forces Operations 1980-1983

Enjoyed a Very demanding three years at COD.  Left in June 83 for AWACS at Tinker.  Retired from active duty 1985, conitinued working for defense logistic agency until ret in 2002

Posted 2-23-05
Larry Kokko, Tsgt
3rd TEWTS MPQ-10 Radars from 1975 to 1978

SCR-584 from 1982 to 1985

Like to hear from anyone stationed at Camp O'Donnell/Crow Valley. 

Posted 4-14-05
Aukshun , 1978 - 1982

Outcasts rule... we kicked ass is flag football and the annual navy, marine and Air force fun day at The Navy site. Was in 1961st and ground radio. 1978-1982. Scuba dive all over the PI. Now still in the Wallace area where I have a dive center. Ocean deep, Check it out..   and

Posted 4-14-05
David Bridges SSGT, Electronic Tech, 1/1965 - 7/1966

The tour was pretty good at COD.  I lived and worked with some pretty good guys.  Some of the people were SSGT Earl Spraggins, TSGT Schrum, TSGT Fujimoto, Joe Lambert, Dennis Cataldo, Howard Skolnik, and others.   CWO Drummond was the officer in charge for most of the tour then a green 1st LT came on board.  Had some good times shooting on the range and making trips across the mountains to the South China Sea in the the old navy weapons carrier and once in an AF dump truck.

Posted 12-26-06
Ed Covey, Sgt. RFMSB MPS-19 Crew Chief, 1979 - 1981

My name is Ed Covey and I was stationed at COD from 79-82.  The MPS-19 was set up at upper and lower LIMA during late 79 to early 80, from there we moved to INDIA and when a second MPS-19 arrived we also set up shop at JULIET. I'm looking for some information if anyone can help.  I need to place all of the sites and buildings at the range complex on the posted map in this site.  I'm having a problem with the orientation of the compound.  Can you help? I also held a freakers ball at my home near Clark main gate in '81 and attended a mean toga party at an unremembered bar in Angeles.  I have pictures of both events.....not those kind.....just the guys from COD. Ed Covey RFMSB AN/MPS-19

Thought I died... didn't you! Marines are to damn stuburn to die! ;-)

Posted 4-21-10
Arthur Morales, SPC4, 1956
Fixed Radio Communications

Looking for Romero, Air Force,  Sgt Baldasarre, Army,  Apuna, Army  and looking for more info. Thank you.                                       

Posted 4-21-10
Gil Gonsalves, CMSgt Retired, 1975

Was stationed a Clark from 1971-1973 and 1974-1977. Never went to COD except once, I can't remember the date but it could have been in Jan of 75. There was rumor that the base going to get hit by the NPA. We came up with Capt Coleman in an APC from Clark and spent the night by the main gate. We heard a bunch of weapons fire at about 0400 then next morning we left to go back to Clark.  

Posted 4-21-10
MSgt John (Action) Jackson ,NCOIC Red Forces, 1980 - 1983

Like to here from all my friend at COD. Email me.    

Posted 4-21-10
Larry Kokko, Tsgt Assigned 3rd TEWTS MPQ-10 Radars from 1975 to 1978, then SCR-584 from 1982 to 1985

Like to hear from anyone stationed at Camp O'Donnell / Crow Valley.

Posted 4-21-10
TSgt. Timothy J Nasielski (SKI)

Was privileged to be the last chow hall supervisor at cod last 2 years before and after volcano till camp turned over. Felt Col. Todd was one of the better officers I worked for, but that guy who replaced him at the end was a sure fire f—k up.  Had good times bus rides lockins having to sleep on the floor when travel restrictions happened. Remember a Marine chopper come in with food and they kept the rotor turning, ans as they unloaded a rack of bread, it got sucked up into the rotor!!!!  Bread pudding that nite.   Most of all, I remember how close every one was at that small base, of course the lake house beer bust, combat golf and the rest. Glad I saw this site and could leave a few words. TSgt. Timothy J Nasielski(SKI) USAF retired of course J

Posted 4-21-10
Frank Williams, Sgt, Camp O'D 1980 -1984
Crow Valley,  T-1 RADAR tech, India Band, Tango Site

Fellow Outcast of Tango Site -SSgt Wes MacPherson, Sgt Scott Sauder, Sgt Eric Watson, Sgt Guy Robinson, MSgt Russ Holland, MSgt Carl Israel, GD Civilian Tony Rangel, SSgt Don Germain,  SSgt Andy Johnson.

Posted 4-21-10
Tim Unger, A1C, 1961 Comm Group, 1982-83

Had a fun time in the PI and loved working and living at COD. I would like to go back someday and see what the area is like now after the volcano and base closures.

Posted 4-21-10
Luana Tury (son of)
Ricardo Trias Arca

My late father was a Major in the American Army.  He trained a Rifle Group at this site in 1948.   He also was a Filipino "Pinoy" in the U.S. Army during the occupation of the Philippines in October of 1944 through approximately 1948.    His name is Ricardo Trias Arca.  Anyone who has information on him I would greatly appreaciate it.   My father also was an MIA in Korea in 1950 and declared dead in 1952.  He may have been a Captain or Lieutenant in the Philippines, but was a Major by the time he was in Korea.   Thanks very much.   My name is Luana Arca Tury and I pray there is someone out there that has some information regarding my dad.

Posted 4-21-10
Gary Smith, A1C-Sgt, 1975-80
1961st CG, Radio Maint (Crow Valley and COD)

Messages by Jay Wilson, Greg Zimmerman, and Tim Aukshun bring back many good memories of a great time.  Found site by accident screwing around looking for Clark AB info.  Retired from AF in 2001, still working in AF as a GS comm guy at Hickam.  Was stationed at Clark again in 89-91 until Mt Pinatubo kicked us out, miss the place.  Great to know some of us are still around.  For all you outcasts out there, remember our song?  

We're the heros of COD
We're rapers of the night
We're dirty rotten SOBs
We'd rather f__k then fight
Heidi, Heidi, crist almighty
Who the hell are we Zim, Zam,
God Damn We're from COD
Sung by the whore house quartet
Have you got a hard on, not yet
Are you going to get one, you bet
We're coming now!!  

That freaking songs ingrained in my brain we sung it so much over four years bar running. 

Posted 4-21-10
Michael Spivack, A1C, Late 1964 to early 1966 there abouts.
1961st Comm Electronics Tech and

I remember Rosie’s place, some outrageous “entertainment” at the ‘Club' on COD and at the Navy site down the road.  I remember the “weapons carrier” with “fording kit” and riding straddled on the bullet shaped fender light crossing streams.  I remember Bull dog Drummond at the tin roofed firing range showing us how terrific the AR15 was by putting the butt on his chin and firing full auto.  Of course the piston in the butt was frozen and failed to absorbthe recoil so he busted his lip.  I remember hours in the dark room developing photos. I remember Bob Hope at Clark. I think Bridges took the photos.  I remember having Barbequed steak at the mess hall.  The grills were 50 gallon barrels cut in half length wise. I remember Crow Valley.  Bomb doors falling off a plane.  Locals running onto the range to scavenge the brass.  Hot shot navy pilots doing Mig rolls after target runs.  Pet monkey. On and on and on. This message board is a trip. It has brought back a ton of memories. Would love to hear from other COD people. I remember some names... Sgt Fujimoto, Alan Trammel, Hoyle Lord, Rich Lyons, Bridges, Cataldo, Skolnick.

Posted 4-21-10
Tim Aukshun, USAF Tsgt, 1961st Comm Gp, 1978-1982 and

Taught Scuba Diving and played on the COD flag football championship team.

Posted 4-21-10
SSgt Ronald Alston, 1979 - 1982

Worked on the Range....Looking for a friend and co-worker "Amn Tom Farley". Please Email me.

Posted 4-21-10
Dave Nelson, Sp2, MSG Retired, 1955 - 1957

Work as a Tech Controller at clark. Our Transmitter site was at Camp O Donnell. I did  know Apuna and Baldasare, Sgts during the 1956 period, but no not where they are now. I do know a Lee Hersey who was a Sgt at the transmitter site and have his email enclosed. He would like to hear from you. I'm sure. A group of us old HF communicator get together now and then and we are planning a Gathering / Reunion / Party in Arizona. Check this Link.. or Contact SGM Joe Wilder Retired at for information or Dave Nelson "

Posted 4-21-10
Gerry (Mac) McDonald, SSgt, OL/D 1961st Comm Gp, 30450, Radio Relay Repairmen  Aug 73 - Nov 74

The best kept secret in the Philippines ... Camp O'Donnell. As a proud alumni of the "Outcasts" and one of the idiots that didn't have enough common sense to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel, I look back on my time at COD with many fond memories and some war stories that can not be put in writing. I agree with Rick McMullen, you had to be there to understand what that site was like when management left for the weekend. As the ranking person that lived on site "officially" I had the luxury of belonging to Comm, not involved with the day to day running of the site. A typical Friday evening at the club would commence with the shirt, Al from CE, my boss and a half dozen other playing dice for drinks, at times to include the local mayor from Capas, his body guards, the chief of police and some of our Pilipino friends. It would get drunk out early and by early evening the married guys were on the way home or downtown and the site belong to us ... average age, best guess 20. The party which almost always centered on the club or drifted through the place, which had bar girls outnumbering the guys on site. Some guys had live in girl friends, the prime example was the fire dawgs and at time the site truck was used for a hammer run to good old Balibago. There were some site regulars but time and distance only brings back "Brenda" as a fixture on O'Donnell. I have always wondered how Terry the club manager and Al Pine (bartender) put up with us. On any weekend you would find a few bodies sleeping on the grass between the club and the barracks and a number of unspeakable things had been known to happen behind the movie screen or on the pool tables next door. When you were not on duty you lived in a pair of shorts, shower clogs and a tee shirt was optional. I spent many a day out at the lake we helped rebuild, swimming was good and just the quiet time helped because the place has been known to turn into party central with 30 people in the water at 0100, not one sober and clothes littering the slope from the original Bar-B-Que hut to the dock. Many gallons of Annie Greensprings was consumed floating on the inner tubes and only God knows why we didn't lose a couple of folks out there. Until they opened it up to MWR from Clark that place was great place to kick back, hell we even had it decorated with a nice white painted anchor we stole from Navy Tarlac down the road. I had the pleasure of being told by the Navy Captain to have it returned the day he visited and found our little decoration. Being a Radio Relay puke I got to spend a bit of time at the Voice of America site at Tinang Barrio, nice folks and spent many days at Crow Valley Gunnery Range, the business end of our Air Force. We worked through the Red Horse (Pink Pony) upgrade of the road to the Valley and the relocation to the dual range. It was always busy and a little dangerous but when your young you will live forever or at least you think that. To the guys that served honorably, and tried to make things better for those who came behind us it was a fantastic place to be stationed. I met some great people at COD and worked for two Chiefs that I always held up as someone to emulate "Dick Hildreath and Al Reichel". I have run into a few of the guys in later years from my tour, Don Satterfield in Italy 1977, Harl (Sandy) Sanderson in 1981 at Lindsey AS, Germany and just recently (Dec 05) after 30 years my old running partner from both PI tours 69 - 70 and 73 - 74 Mike Kahrimanian who was in the Mob and 1961st with me. I retired from the Air Force in 1998 having served 30 years (always a Comm Maintenance Puke) and now live in Madison, WI. Gerry McDonald

Posted 4-21-10

Checking back on this site stirred some old memories. I see that I have already written a book compared to everyone else but I'll add just a little more.   Stray memories or figments of my imagination from too many drinks at the NCO Club. Earl "Duke" Holley doing his John Wayne impersonations and singing "If we make it through December" by Merle Haggard, he was going back to the states in Dec. so he always liked that song.   Duke again, passed out in the ballfield drunk with his faithful little Filipino girlfriend curled up with him.   Playing the pinball machine at the Club and owning the high score record (at the time).   USO shows at the club, also some strip shows with Filipino girls when the Club had occasional membership drives. One time I ended up with the best looking stripper back in my room (oh those were the days).   Missing the last bus from town and having to hire a jeepney to drive me all the way out to O'Donnell. The two Filipino guys pulled over halfway to O'Donnell and began talking under their breath and I just knew they were going to rob me, but they didn't. They ended up demanding more money for gas when we arrived at O'Donnell but we were on my turf then so they didn't get any.   Running for a motel with a girl in tow a few minutes after midnight which was curfew, martial law was in effect at that time. One never knew if some crazy P.C. (Phillipine Constabulary) would shoot you or arrest you. Me and the girl laughing all the way to the motel with excitement and fear.   Anyone want to share a few memories drop me an e-mail.

Posted 4-21-10
Manny A. Cajuguiran, SSgt, 3rd CSG, 1977 - 1981

I used to conduct Staff Assistance Visits (SAV) @ Camp OD.  During my visits I noticed Capas Police Department personnel using USAF copying machine for their police reports.  One the cop noticed my name plate "Cajuguiran" and immediately approached me and ask a question if I'm Capas, I responded:  Yes indeed, from Baranggay Capas Tarlac.  And after my SAV outbrief I told Capas PD to continue using the copy machine and they all smiled and said "Dakal Pong Salamat, Kabalen"

Posted 4-21-10
Kelly O'Connor, Sgt, 1981-1983

I was assigned to the 3rd TEWTS and then the 1961st Comm Group. I was with TOSS, Televised Ordinance Scoring System as an electronics technician. I have great memories of the PI although I never liked the bus ride to work every day. Fortunately I was not barracked at COD but at Clark (And I moved off-base at my own expense after a month). I didn't mind the drive to Crow Valley or to the range where our equipment was; the camera towers and solar power equipment on Breed and Bunker Hills. Didn't make that 1700 bus too often. We worked our asses off and that was OK. Enjoyed the dancers at the club too. That chow hall was one of the best ones I've ever eaten at. There's only one person I really remember and that's Ed Siddle. We sure did a lot of partying and scuba diving. Sadly I haven't been back since except for a month in 1984 when I went back to bring my future wife to the states. She of course has been back quite often. And we have a house we had built in East Samar for her family, with reserved rooms of course. If you got away from the base they were the friendliest of people, despite being some of the poorest. They were happy just being with their family. I will go back some day. I just retired after 26 years in the Air Force and am now here in the Pacific again on Kwajalein Atoll working at AFN as Chief Engineer. But no matter where my travels take me, and it has been extensive, Camp O'Donnell will remain my fondest assignment.

Posted 4-21-10
Steve McCoy, Sgt, Security Police

Like all but one other SP at COD, I was a SGT.  Was there from Aug 74 till Feb 75.  After reading Rick McMullen's entry, there's not much to add, except to say it was everything he said and more.  I've still got my orange cap and the minature baseball bat with the skunk logo on it that I got when leaving COD.  Very fond memories.  Can't imagine my AF career would have been complete without this assignment.  Hope the website takes off with photos and other postings

Posted 4-21-10
Frank Francone 2nd Lt. 1946 - 1947
57th Inf. Regiment. Philippine Scouts

I was all of 19 years old and didn’t appreciate the history of Camp ODonnell at the time.  I was there when the Philippine Scouts were part of the US Army. About half our officers were Filipino  and all of the troops were Filipino. I was assigned to field crew where we ran the exercises for the troops from the 12th Div as they came out for field maneuvers.  One weekend about 4 of us left the area and ventured into the Negrito camp that was nearby. They showed us around, saw a downed plane, saw their straw thatched huts, and watched them perform a dance for us. It sounds from earlier messages that the Negritos were moved out of the area to make room for AF exercises. Don’t remember a lot but that was 60 years ago!

Posted 4-21-10
Melvin Woodard, SGT, Nov 1989 - June 1991
Tech Controller

Would like to hear from anyone stationed at Camp. 

Posted 4-21-10
Ron Mort, 3 TEWTS, Jan 1982 - July 1986

I got there as an Airman (E-2) and Left as a SSgt.  I was assigned to Lima which was moved to Delta Site in 1982, I worked on the AN/VPQ-1 (TRTG) in Crow Valley. I saw this site and was completely amazed.  I started my career at COD and I'm coming to the end of it now.  I also remember my time at COD as the best in my career. I was there when the Wing Commander outlawed our skunk and the "Outcast" name.  We in the barracks plastered our rooms with skunks in answer. I still amaze airman with the story of the night the barracks got raided on a Friday Night and we stashed around 20 girls up on the roof.  The inspectors knew the girls were there since they were not on the buses, but the inspectors never found them. I also remember when Ferguson took his blow gun out on the weekend and slaughtered all the toads on the tennis court.

Posted 4-21-10
Gregory Powell, A1C Sgt, 1978 -1982
Sierra, Tango, Range control

Just checking on who is listed on the message board.

Posted 4-21-10
Joe Wilson 3rd TEWTS SP September 1983 - January 1985

Would like to hear from other SP that were at COD during this time. Looking for Bob Leidig.

Posted 4-21-10
Tracie Fenner, A1C, 1989 - 1990
3rd CES - Interior Electricians Shop

Does anyone remember a Fire Fighter called "House"?  He was in a motorcycle accident that nearly skinned him.  Any information would be appreciated. 

Posted 5-8-10
SSgt Gerard K. McDonald, Aug 73 - Nov 74
OL-D 1961st Comm Gp, Radio Relay

COD was my second PI tour having served in the First Mob from Sep 69 - Dec 70 at Clark. As a proud member of the "OUTCASTS" with our skunk logo I always felt that we had the best of both worlds, access to Clark and the City of Angels and the pleasure of being 23 road miles from the real Air Force. COD was one of those places where in later years you would preface the story with "This Really Happened". If you were lucky enough to have been stationed at COD you know what I mean. Running over the snake on the road to Crow Valley in the in the M35 too watch it crawl away. Getting washed down the river while fording at the New Crow Valley Range; the parties at the Lake, midnight 15 guys and 15 girls, clothing optional and everyone toasted, no one drowned but we did have to pull a few folks out. The club was wild, we would import the girls in a government truck and you never knew what would happen. We imported acts from downtown and we could always depend Duke Holly, Don Satterfield, Stiles, Horiesh, Corey, Larson, JD, the McMullin brothers, Stan Kazior, Al Reichel, Chester Silk for good times. We were a pretty tight crowd, at least all of us who lived on site. I retired in 98 with 30 years in, always a comm maint puke. My time at COD always brings back warm memories.

Posted 5-8-10
SRA Robert Shuster

Has anyone know what happened to Doc Roy from the aid station?

Posted 5-8-10
TItus Mayes, USAF A1C,  1981 - 1983

I was stationed at COD/ Crow Valley from 81-83. I worked the MPS-19 radar at JULIET. Being an "outcast" was definitely one the best times in my life and I would do it all over again if I could. I was 20 years old when I came to the P.I.,  ( my first assignment ) so all you guys know it was a "wild time" for me. I have  stories about Angeles and Crow Valley many find very interesting, yet hard to  believe, hell sometimes it hard for me to believe myself,  but we know its all true...LOL. Like to hear from anyone from COD during my time period.

Posted 5-8-10
Jim Harbeck, CYN3, USNR, NavRadSta(T) Capas, Oct 1970 - May 1972

I was stationed O,Donnell at the NavSta from 10/70-5/72.  I remember sometimes riding the bus from Clark back to Capas/ODonnell with USAF guys on-board.  I also remember softball games between our two stations.  I played catcher. If any guys that I was stationed with read this please respond. I'd love to hear from you.  I'm retired from teaching and work in real estate in Snohomish County, WA where I grew up.

Posted 5-8-10
Stephen W. McCoy, Aug 74 - Feb 75

I was an SP at COD from Aug 74 - Feb 75, during a time when the NPA had its Hq at Capas and was very active.  Nearly every night we had automatic weapons fire just outside the fence line, and on occasion would see the victims of the night before while on the bus between Clark and COD.  The softball games were great.  I've still got my commemorative miniature bat with the skunk insignia on it.  Hope all is well with those I served with.

Posted 5-8-10
Rick Winslow, A1C, Lima Site MPS-19(S/N 123). 1979-1980

Worked with Jorge Sanchez, Ken Howard "The Hulk", Ed Covey, and later on  Scribner, Jones.. Lots of fun times. Memories: Played a lot of Backgammon  with Scott Seymour. PAQ-T1 training with Don Germain. Signing out trucks  and being lucky enough to get 68k443. Driving trucks across the river in  rainy season and trying to climb Lima hill. Trying to miss the cow patties  and the rice on the road. Wonder if Ed remembers getting bitten by ants  when climbing for mangos? Chow truck arrival at Bravo. Strafing. Mongolian  barbecue at the NCO club. Aurelio shouting: "Misty-two-one is at....  262  for 4." Passing in launches and kills. Chaff on the ground.. Setting up  the VITRO on the bombing range with SSgt.(Robbie)Robinson. The day the  TOSS cameras caught the A-7 crash. Movies in the M-33. The new MPS-19  assigned to India site (S/N 177) fresh from Depot Maintenance. Jorge and  his AMC Javelin. I had the opportunity a few years ago to see Ed Covey and  his family. Ed and I sang the COD song together and I think his version  was more correct than mine.

Posted 5-8-10
A1C David Wheadon, 1961st, Ground Radio, Radio Relay Repair, 1959 - 1960

First to answer Arthur Morales' Post dated  8-30-04 Looking for Romero (Air Force), Sgt Baldasarre (Army),  Apuna (Army) and looking for a phone number on the base in order to try and get more info. Thank You. While I was at COD, there was a Jimmy Baldasarre, Army civilian employee, who was the supervisor of the power plant and other facility operations such as motor pool, and who married a Philippine national, retired from the Army, and stayed in the PI. I believe he was origionally from the northeastern US. He was a short guy and could really blow off steam when he got mad about how operations were not going right at the power plant or GI's were giving him a hard time. The PI was my first duty assignment after a year of tech school.  I arrived at Clark 1/1/59 and COD a couple of months later, after working awhile at Clark FM Hill. There were approximately 65-75, half AF and half Army, transmitter site personnel and lots of Philippine nationals I worked with at COD. The new Page Communications troposcatter long haul comm site was really impressive as were the Army ACAN HF SSB transmitters. Seems the Army had the good equipment and AF the old stuff except for the two Microwave radio relay systems the AF maintained for the Clark Receiver site/Comm Center-FM Hill link to the COD transmitter site. At O'Donnell a fun job was to maintain an ancient TRC-1 FM radio link to Crow Valley they used as a phone line to Clark thru O'Donnell. Can remember the O'Donnell (Airman and Army) "Club" and movie theater, radio repair trips to Crow Valley and ROK F86 pilots setting the goony grass on fire at Crow Valley when they made extremely low runs, hunting expeditions into the Bataan mountains using a crummy AF .30cal carbine while my buddy had a nice 30-06 rifle, waking up in the early morning sunrise 30 yards from the Club, laying flat on my back in the middle of the COD ball field with a terrible hangover (also did that one weekend night on the seawall at Manila), three of us getting in trouble with our green 2LT site OIC and restricted to the site for a couple of weeks for shaving our heads (he was afraid someone at Clark would see us and want to know what the hell is going on up at COD), having the chow hall mess Sgt marinate a goat overnight that we had bought from one of the Philippine nationals to barbecue, then running out of goat to eat, drinking too much beer, then shooting a dog out past the checkpoint, carrying it in and roasting it, running out of fire and eating that half cooked dog. The complimentary San Miguel brewery tours at Manila was always a good spaghetti and beer event. As was Tanduay (sp.) Rum and Coke. Had a hard time with the beer over ice when drinking at Capas while waiting for a bus to COD. SSgt Hart, a really big man from Bastrop, LA, was the AF AP NCOIC of security at COD and Crow Valley. He was so heavy that his jeep had a permanent list, even when he got out of it. Was funny to see him trying to bounce on the opposite door frame to try strightening it out.    Had the movie theater projectionist job for awhile and remember putting a whole reel of "The Ten Commandments" on the projection booth floor while we sat out in the theater and drank surplus Champagne we had "obtained" somehow from the "Club". We just laughed n laughed like drunk skunks at the film mess when we saw it. Had a wife and child back in the states, so didn't even leave the base or site for about a year. Then found out how great Manila was for weekend pass place to go. Met some sailors in Manila one weekend and spent the night on their Essex class aircraft carrier, the Bon Homme Richard in Manila Bay. That was a great experience. Didn't find out about Camp John Hay until about one month before I left the PI. Took the train up to San Fernando, La Union, and bus from there to Baguio and Camp John Hay for a weekend. Remember the sweet smell of the PI Sampaghita tree blossoms. When I rotated back to the states June 1960, there were many new mobile transmitter van systems being instaled at COD to support the southeast Asia build up. What was the Capas, Tarlac transmitter site in later years, I see mentioned in posts for that site?  at   Did it replace the COD transmitter site?

Posted 5-8-10
Ken Staples, 1961st CG, OL/D, 1970 - 1974

I spent 3.5 years working there with the 1961st CG.  Well, it wasn't work mostly, played alot of basketball with the locals, spent many hours at the Club (Big Daddy Harris), enjoyed lunch in the chow hall and worked out in the gym everyday.  I commuted from outside Clark by POV and motorcycle.  The shift work bus was okay but those drivers were definitely a little crazy.  Some names I remember:  Jim Saunders ("Broom"), David Miller, Big Daddy Harris, Richard Hildreth, David Pillsbury.  I guess the most rememorable event would be:  locals striking outside Clark AB, attacks/killing on the work bus by PI Army (mistaken identity). Overall it was a great time !!

Posted 5-8-10
Nicole Sexton

My great uncle served at Camp O'Donnell in 1941 and was captured and later died at Camp Hoten. His name was Leon “Richard” Jette. He died in December 1944.  Just wanted to post my thanks to all that served.

Posted 5-8-10
Jesse McCullar, Civilian Engineer AFCS/SCA/EID, 1977 - 1983

TDY. I came first to Clark AFB & Camp O'Donnell on "site survey" in Aug 1977 to asess necessary construction to accomodate installation of Scope Signal III equiment. Made several trips until finishing construction phase in 1983. The trips I made were one/two week duration therefore I didn't get to know anyone very well. However the Electronics engineer Dewy Miller spent several months installing equipment. I wonder how many remember the Image & words on the water tower? I have a patch saved from a jacket I purchased there on one of my trips. Jacket is worn out but I still have the patch. I'm in the process of having someone here in Shawnee, Ok make a patch exactly like the old one. Question, does anyone have such a patch? Does every one remember the emblem. I always & still do consider it a privalige to wear the patch. THE OUTCAST, CAMP O'DONNELL. Anyone can reach me at . Thanks again for the ones making this site available!

Posted 5-8-10
Stanley Ulbrych, Airman 1st class,  Stationed at COD 1956 - 1958

Worked in the “carrier Room”  We had VHF carrier links to the base. About the time I was getting ready to leave they were installing a microwave link to Clark, linking to Subic. Lt. Davis was in charge of the camp. I remember working with PI Civilian “Angie” At the time I was a 22 year old kid who thought he knew it all. Looking back I realize that the GI’s didn’t run the operation. The civilians did. I also remember a tough old civilian who ran the motor pool (WIE ?) Name was Jimmy Baldaseri (spell?) Dumb kid that I was, it wasn’t until years later I found out about Camp O Donnell and what it was in WWII. Looking back, I think Jimmy may have been a POW at the time.. No one talked about it. But in 11956, it had only been a few short years sine the end of the war. Anyone out there from COD in the mid 50’s.

Posted 5-8-10
Carl Israel, MSgt NCOIC Tango Site, Range Logistics, Psuedo First Sgt, 1981 -1984

Any Range Rats still out there? Maybe a Tango Site Leper or two?

Posted 5-8-10
Angelo Gaskin, Msgt, 1980 - 1984

NCOIC Vehicle Maint

Posted 5-8-10
Ty Reuter, 1984 - 1987

I would like to get in touch with old friends.

Posted 5-26-10
Larry Ridolfi, GMG3, 1968 - 1970

Hello, My name is Larry Ridolfi GMG3 stationed just down the hill from Camp ODonnell.68-70 I was assistant chief of security. I was the only American present after the slaying of philippino gaurds that worked for me. They were gunned down between the navradsta. And the hiiltop bar by the HUKS. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who was stationed there. Thanks

Posted 1-16-11
Rich Kay, AIC, 1981- 1983

I'm  AIC Rich Kay Camp O'Donnel was my first duty station. I worked on the MPS-19. I still remember getting sick from those box lunches that resulted in hot meals being delivered. Never like the round trip all the way up those hills in the back of that truck, that's why I jumped out at the bottom. Downtown, Fields Ave, Fire Empire & Great Times at the 21 club, playing that same song "Happy Trails" on the box, what A DUMB SONG. Well that was a long time ago.

Posted 1-16-11
Don Germain, SSgt, 1978-1981  and 1983-1985

Came over twice..First time as a GI and the second time as a Tech Rep for General Dynamics. First assigned on the MPQ-10's then graduated to the MPS T-1 site.... Made great friends and had a blast.. Lots of pics are posted at

Posted 1-16-11
Larry Brothwell, 1974 - 1971

Was stationed at C.O.D. From 74-80 at the beginnings of 3TEWTS. I fell in love with the country and its people immediately .Started there as a SSTG and left as the same.  I read all of the posting and recall many of those and remember many many more. It is true that folks nowadays cannot belive the stories.  If you wish to contact me, please do.

Posted 1-16-11
Larry Townsend, SGT, Motor Pool, 1970 - 1972

My name is Larry Townsend, was stationed at COD from 1970-1972 in the motor pool.  Remember a few of the names but would like to hear from anyone there during this time. Would like to hear from anyone there at the time, !SG was Larry Lowe, had a bar downtown named Larry’s.  Also, some names I remember was Bill Byrum, Georgandis, Goodbar, Miller and more that I can’t recall now.  Please respond.  God Bless.

Posted 7-25-11
Steve Donalson, SSGT,
86 –91
1961st Comm Group HF Comm / 3TEWTS CQAE

I remember… We must have watched 2 years of Star Trek the Next Generation in six months on the bus ride to and from COD. The COD sponsored Daisy Hill School for kids. A NAVY A6 lost an engine cover after being hit with a Smokey SAM, and of course when Cubi Point was called they denied it was theirs even though the aircraft and unit number was on the cover. We kept it as a Souvenir. We relocated the FEN-P repeater from NRTF Capas to COD when it closed, and saw first hand what a 1000 ft LF tower does when you blow the guy lines. The Chow Hall was, in my opinion, the best in the AF, especially on Schnitzel day. One of the “Escort Forces” (PI Military) tried to get on the bus with grenades, M16’s with banana clips as long a Texas were OK but, grenades were not going to happen, and he ended up riding with his buddies in the back of their M880. And lets not forget the lake house pool and beer festivities and combat golf in the antenna range. We went through a lot from 86 -91. We lost friends and gained many. We were the Outcasts and damn proud of it.

Posted 7-25-11
Harris, Rodney, 1983-1987

Marines deploying to Camp O'Donnell. I was a SGT in the Marines which was stationed in Okinawa. Like to say all that was great during this period. I met my wife during my visits there. My wives name at the time was Teresita Gutierrez. She worked at Crow Valley at the radar site cleaning the offices and all. The two of us would like to say hello and if any one remembers us send us a message.

Posted 4-7-12
Ty Reuter, A1C-Sgt, 1984 - 1987

Assigned to Tango site, then at Delta site on the TRTG. I have many fond memories with a bunch of great people. Definitely some great times. I would love to get in touch with old friends.

Posted 4-7-12
Knapp, Michael, E-4, '86-'88

Worked the range controlling aircraft in and out of The Valley,  plotted bomb drops and strafing.

Posted 4-7-12
Mark "Doobie" Dubyk - 3rd TEWTS / 1961CG Amn - SrA, Aug '80 - Mar '83
Ground Radio Repair: Crow Valley Range Complex

Here's a shout-out to all the Outcasts: ARROOO!!!! Take It Down!!! Can a guy ask for a better first duty assignment!! I was wondering what happened to all you Freakers. For the rest of you who have heard about the "Friday Night Raid" (and wished you were there), I was the one who got them up to the 3rd Floor. "Doc" was the ranking NCO on the "raid" that night. I caught up with him the next Monday. He knew the girls were there, but couldn't prove it. He asked me where they were. I asked him if they checked the Day-room. He said no and I said "there you go!" Ah, the good old days! I'm surprised my stereo still worked after that one party at the Lake House. Man what a blast: 21 Club, Eight Ball, Bar Hopping, borrowing a duce and a half to go to the River on the weekends, The Freaker Ball, live-in girlfriends, getting a heads-up for the puppies coming for a visit, staying outta Rocco's way (he never did catch me), jeepnies, trikes, short-time, long-time and serving with the best! Happy Trails!!    

Posted 4-7-12
Craig Davis, 1978 - 1980

I served at COD after tech school at '78-80. Everyone knew me as "Rookie" and I was only 18 years old. I worked with Tom Kent on the SCR 584 !! 

Posted 4-7-12
Gary Ullom, Sgt, Security Police Dec 1975 - Dec1976

Got in camp with Gary Teel in Dec 1975, sent from Clark 3rd LES, we were put in the trailer with "Animal". Went to Crow Valley as SP NCOIC. Had to shoot local with a Flare Gun, justified kill. He tried to decapitate me with a BOLO. Shipped me out to prevent IH. Departed on 27 Dec 1976, other than that had a great time. Starting the aggressor unit was great fun, chasing PJ's and Pilots.

Posted 4-7-12
Dennis Keller, Capt, USAF, Ret., Dec 1985 - Sep 1990

This is Dennis Keller, Capt, USAF, Ret.  From Dec 1985 to Sep 1990, I served as Deputy Commander at Camp O'Donnell and the 3rd TEWTS.  For most of that time, the Commanders were Lt Col Geraldson and Lt Col Todd with Goose Gowell and then Col Thompson at the 6200 TFTG and Pappy Stoll running the range contract.  I retired in 1990 and remained at COD to work with Loral Aerospace until Pinatubo erupted in 1991.  We had a lot of really good times and some not so good.  Through it all, I still consider that time as the best of my life.  A better group of people to work with has never been assembled and a better job never existed.  From jungle golf trying to hit off a raft on the upper lake, to a motor pool full of snakes during the floods, to rescue missions, to beer at the lakehouse.  We did it all, and we did all right.  To Tim Ski, I tried to contact your email, but it is no longer valid.  By the way, I have a copy of the sound on slide show that Denny McClain (our First Sergeant) produced to mark the beginning of contract range support and the departure of many of the military positions.  Let me know, I can get a copy done.

Posted 4-24-12
Dennis Keller, 1985 - 1990

I am Dennis Keller, Capt, USAF, Ret.  I was at Camp O,Donnell and Crow Valley from December 1985 to Sep 1990 as Deputy Commander.  I retired and stayed there with Loral Aerospace on the range until the eruption.

Posted 10-02-12
Kerry I Montgomery, Buck Sgt, Security Police 1973

I Was Buck Sgt Kerry I Montgomery,USAF,Security Police 1973 at ODonnell,,transferred there around from Clark AB around April 1973 after serving 6 months TDY Korat Thailand.Myself and roommate Roy Quesenberry from Watertown NY,myself from Decatur,Al,a southern and a yankee,lol,both had been working at Clark AB BombDump when we put in to go to ODonnell,what a pleasant surprise!All the officers and ranking Nco`s would go back to Clark on the weekends leaving the rest of us to run things,and yes we`d get a Duece and a half go get girls and party at the NCO/Airman Club that was at ODonnell.We were a a close nit group,went to Crow Valley several times,remember also a guy ,cant remember his name(think it was Myron Zacherius) who rammed a duce and half into backside of club at ODonnell.We use to ride the blue Air Force bus to Angeles City outside Clark,catch it back later barely able to walk,lol.Can remember big guy they called Tiny from either Nebraska or
 Iowa who use to sing at club at Odonnell.Can also remember the look the Marines stationed down the road would give us,they were gunho and considered us beneath them.We use to do post check at night on the perimiter,real spooky,had about 15 or so Filipino s manning those posts,a few who told stories about WW2 and the things that went on at ODonnell as to the treatment of American and Filipino POws.Have many stories and lots of good memories,we did our job,but was definetly not your typical military post.

Posted 10-02-12
Litz Bie, 1980

Remembering 1980 I was there at Camp O'Donnell as a Summer hire student for the period of 2 months, April to May 1980. It was a great experienced to work there. I also remember one PFC Marine with the name of Randy Lingo Where is he now? He was once a good friend.

Posted 10-02-12
James Maxwell, 84 - 86 and 89 - 91

I was stationed at Clark with the 3rd LES from Apr 84 - Oct 86. I worked on Belcher's flight. I went back to Beale AFB, CA and then returned to "The Outcast's" of Camp O'Donnell, AS/Crow Valley Bombing Range complex from Jan 89- Pinatubo. I miss all my old friends from both places and have been able to keep in touch with some. It was the best of times!!!

Posted 11-14-09
Jay Wilson, Buck Sgt, 1976 - 1977
Camp O'Donnell

I'm wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of AF Sgt Mario Lanza. He was stationed at COD. Mario had been in the PI for several years and had a girlfriend named "Winnie". They (she) ran a place called "The Depot". It was right where the bus stopped on MacArthur on it's way to COD. Just wondering if anyone knows what ever happened to Mario and Winnie.

Posted 11-24-12
Alan  Headrick, SSgt , 1985 - 1989
Wideband Shop

Went home 1989 and moved and worked all over the place. I currently live near Pensacola Florida. Any of the wideband guys out there write.

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