Capas Tarlac

The message board is for those who wish to make their presence known. It is a great way to find those that you may have been stationed with and those who you have been friends with on the Island.

This message board is for everyone. Those of you that were of any branch of service as Active Duty Enlisted, Commissioned Officer, Civilian Worker, military dependent or those who lived near Capas Tarlac or were stationed on other Bases near Capas Tarlac and wish to re-unite with someone who was at Capas Tarlac are welcome to post a message.


1. Posting a message on the message board is no more than sending me an email.
2. Place "Capas Tarlac Message Board" within the subject line of your e-mail.
3. In the Body, put your....Name, Rank, Dates and Duties in which you served or worked at Capas Tarlac.
4. Then Place Any Message which you would like to have posted. Thank You!

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