Crow Valley Bombing Range

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Posted 3-15-09
Harry A Wood, 1954

I was station at Crow Valley in 1954 with one other guy. Used to get our food twice a week at the camp. A civilian by the name of Boldisares was in charge of A.O.L. Anyone remenber crow valley when we were only 2 men? They flew F86s then??  Also trying to see if anyone else had experiances at this out post. Lots of things went on during that time and hope I could find someone else who knew of the place or was stationed there.                                                              ,                                                               

Posted 3-15-09
Dwayne Stice, Dependent of Richard Stice, 1978 - 1980

My father Richard Stice was a SP in the USAF.  Our family was stationed at Clark and dad worked the bombing range.  My dad would take me to work sometimes to watch the fighters from Subic bomb targets.  I was probably 5 or 6 years old at the time but what a lasting empression.

Posted 5-26-10
Michael Spivack USAF 1963 – 1967

I was at Crow Valley in 1965 there about.  I was a Ground Radio Tech stationed at Camp O’Donnell and TDY to Crow valley for weeks at a time. The flyboys were making bombing runs on day and though I cannot remember the type of aircraft, I do remember the Bomb bay doors opening and falling off. I remember the locals from the surrounding area swarming the gunnery range to collect brass. I remember great trips to crow valley in a deuce and a half with a fording kit.  Very useful during monsoon season. I remember using Crow valley range as a jumping off point for hunting trips (wild boar and anything else) into the “jungles” also in the deuce and a half.  Wish we had had Jeeps instead. OMG I remember the old tower and radio gear.  What a scary climb that was. I remember a bombing run where they were dropping simulated BDU8s (not sure what that was but it was concrete to simulate the weight and it was huge.

Posted 4-24-12
Dennis Keller, 1985 - 1990

I am Dennis Keller, Capt, USAF, Ret.  I was at Camp O,Donnell and Crow Valley from December 1985 to Sep 1990 as Deputy Commander.  I retired and stayed there with Loral Aerospace on the range until the eruption.

Posted 10-02-12
James Maxwell, 84 - 86 and 89 - 91

I was stationed at Clark with the 3rd LES from Apr 84 - Oct 86. I worked on Belcher's flight. I went back to Beale AFB, CA and then returned to "The Outcast's" of Camp O'Donnell, AS/Crow Valley Bombing Range complex from Jan 89- Pinatubo. I miss all my old friends from both places and have been able to keep in touch with some. It was the best of times!!!

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