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Posted 4-18-10
Joe Liburdi, 463 TAW from 1967 - 1968

My name is Joe Liburdi.  I served at Mactan with the 463 TAW from 1967/1968. During my tour I worked in the Wing Flying Safety Office for approximately  eight months. During the last phase of my tour I became the First Sergeant of the 463rd. While stationed at Mactan I was involved in forming a scuba diving training school with a Sgt assigned to a communications unit. I'm looking for contacts that participated in my diving school at Mactan.

Posted 4-24-12
John Koning, 1967 - 1968 

My name is John Koning, I was an A1C stationed at Mactan from March 20,1967 to April 20,1968. I worked on maintenance row in the radar/navigation shop with the 463FMS. I was TDY to Tan Son Nhut from 12/20/1967 to 02/20/1968. At TSN I worked on radar, doppler navigation systems and other navigation systems. I was at TSN durying the TET attack of January 31,1968. On February 18,1968. I was working on Rebel Ramp when we got hit with 122mm rockets. I was onboard C-130 tail # 58-0743 when it started. The crew chief was outside at the rear of the plane and yelled as he ran by that it was incoming rounds. I exited the cockpit just prior to ad that destroying the aircraft. I am hoping that someone may remember the name of this crew chief. I would like to thank him. After leaving the plane I made my way to a two man bunker at the end of one of the revetments. While in the bunker the six or so of us heard someone yelling for help but could not pin point where he was. On one occasion a round went off and we could see him lying on the ground by the revetment wall across from us. A friend in the bunker with me,Gary Rhor, and I jumped out of the bunker and ran to him. We then carried him to a bunker behind the radar/navigation Quonset hut. The runway side of the hut was used for crew members to sign out weapons just to give you an idea where it was located. The wounded crew chief, I believe by where we found him may have been coming from C-130 58-0300 which was parked next to 58-0743. I would also appreciate it if someone may know his name. I would like to know how he made out. As I am sure that a day does not go by that you do not think of that time in our lives. The good times at Mactan and the friendships that were made. After all these years of trying to find out the names of these two crew chiefs, I am hoping that someone on this site can help me.

Posted 4-24-12
Paul A. McNamer, 1966 - 1967

Was stationed at Mactan AB from Nov, 1966 to Nov, 1967.  I was a Staff Sergeant Medic. I am Paul A. McNamer. Now a retired CMSgt since 1987.

Posted 10-02-12
Bruce J. Kinnee, 1967 & 1968

My name is Bruce J. Kinnee. I was promoted to Staff Sergeant just prior to Discharge. I was with the 463FMS and went TDY to Tan Son Nhut and Korea. I was at Mactan in 1967 & 1968. I need to contact some remembers me so I can get my VSM.  Thanks for your help. 

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