would like to dedicated this section to those that were in the Navy,
Marines and Civilian Work Force which made these bases work so well.
To those who were there and no longer with us.

SSGT John Draper, USMC

John Drapper passed away in September 2001 of heart failure. John was stationed at San Miguel COMSTA back in either the late '60s or early '70s.  He didn't retire from the corps but did serve about eights years or so.  He was, what I believe was called, an "I" brancher.  He spoke Thai and had come from duty in Thailand to San Miguel back when the Thais asked us to leave their county.  If anyone remembers John, please e-mail me any memories, I'll certainly appreciate them. Submitted by: SCPO Al Girard, USN (Ret.) AlfredGirard@aol.com

Charlie Marshall

Charlie Marshall passed away January of 2007. Charlie was at San Miguel NCS from 1962 - 1964

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