History of Mount Santa Rita Naval Link Station

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Mt. Santa Rita was the US Naval Link Station (USNAVLINKSTA) within the Philippines. There were approximately 15 people that were permanently attached to this station at any given time. There were also 3 Marine guards which rotated every 2 days. Other than military personel, there were Philippine nationals that worked there as well.  The tower had 5 microwave links which transmitted to Subic Bay, Clark Air Base, Cubi Point, San Miguel, Sangley Point and the Embassy in Manila.  At the time before satellites, all communications from Vietnam went through Santa Rita.  The link started in Na Trang, then came to the PI via under water cable to NAVCOMSTAPHIL San Miguel, through Mt. Santa Rita to Clark AFB and then to the HF transmitter site at Tarlac which transmitted to the US Mainland.

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