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Robert Corkish, MSCM(SW/AW), Jun 1985 - Dec 1988
U.S. Naval Link Station, Mount Santa Rita

I was stationed on board USS MIDWAY (CV-41) from December 1981 to June 1985 and at NAVLINKSTA Mt. Sta Rita, RP from June 1985-December 1988.  In my single days I used to hang out at the Missouri Bar and Green Garden.  I am currently stationed on board USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63) in Yokosuka, Japan and frequently take leave and visit Subic.  I would like to hear from anyone who may have been stationed at Mt. Sta Rita or frequented the Missouri Bar or Green Garden during the same time frames I was there. 

Posted 2-16-01
Marty Maiorano, Cpl, 1978 - 1980
US Naval Magazine, Santa Rita, USMC Jungle School

Was station at the mag for a year, guard duty, real nice place if you liked bugs. Transfered to the Jungle School under Sgt Major Earley ( 2 tours nam). He taught me survival, the jungle, the corps training in Philippines, jest school, repelled off two lover's point ( 420 feet high). Other instructors, SSgt Baker, Sgt Smith, Cpl Beckly. Great time. Joined Recon when I got back to lejeune and  loved it. Training was cut, got boring, got out 82. Work for the military now in Michigan.

Posted 11-22-02
Darrell J. Lang, OIC, USNR

Hi. I was stationed in the P.I. from 83 - 86. Corky, you didn't post an email. Would love to hear from you.

Posted 1-6-03
Frank Conroy, ETCM(SW), Mar 92 - Sep 92 (updated 4-5-10)

I was the last OIC of Mt. Santa Rita. Turned it over to members of the Subi Bay Metropolitan Authority ?? (SBMA) on 01 Sep 92. Then went down to assist in the turnover of Subic and Cubi Message Centers. Departed on the last military charter to fly out of Cubi on 23 Nov 92. Would like to hear from anyone there at the time.

Posted 1-18-03
Lance Corporal James Flores, A Company, Port Platoon Guard Force, 1987 - 1989

I loved it so much at Mt. Santa Rita that I used to continuously volunteer for the duty when nobody else wanted it, because you spent a week up on the mountain with no liberty while everyone else had two days off.  In 87' the staff found out it was my birthday and through me a party there, I was in charge of the movie projector during the daily movie, I once put a Petty Officer on his face during a drill because he didn't have an I.D. Card and he had taken his shirt off; it was fun my boot on his neck - shotgun to his temple - and all while I couldn't stand the guy because he thought that He was in charge of the Marines there (yeah right).  There was once a time when the entire detachment showed up at Mt. Santa Rita, drunk as a skunk with Sgt Mack (NCOIC) being the worst because he provided the bottle of Jack while inroute to the mountain in the duty van, I thought that he was dead because he slept almost non-stop for the entire week after that.  You can't forget the monkies on the mountain, they were fun to watch and we used to get into trouble for feeding them oranges.  There was a time when my buddy; Marrero had called on the radio from Alpha Company's quarterdeck in Subic and he told me on the radio "Bro' you have a whole shitload of mail down here with a big fuckin' package from home".  I was doing push-ups forever for that - thanks Marlo!  Before I left, I made sure that I had a Mt. Santa Rita command ball cap, T-shirt, and I took the command placard off of the duty vehicle and I still have them stashed away. A lot of good memories spent on top of that mountain especially during Kennel Guard going up against those cheating Seals "Iron Butterfly".  We would watch them coming up the hill, detect them with the motion sensors, shoot them up with blanks, and then they would throw a flash bang and try and claim the victory; bunch of steroid babies - they never did impress me!

Posted 3-30-03
IC1(SW) Moses A. Clark, Retired, Dec 1986 - Dec 1988

Hey Bob, just was surfing the web and saw this sight. I know your message is quite old, but if you happen to go back into this sight, send me a line. I retired in July 1999 on the the USS Safeguard (ARS-50). Now I'm a Merchant Marine and sail for Matson Navigation Co.

Posted 10-25-03
Tom Campbell, Dependent, 1956 - 1961

Subic Bay Naval Station, Ship Repair Facility. I was 13 years old, beginning my 8th. grade, when my family and I arrived at Subic Bay. Attended the on base George Dewey Jr./Sr. High School while my father worked as a U.S. Civil Service employee, a foreman of one of the machine shops at this facility. Left the P.I. when I graduated from high school in 1961 to attend college back in my home town of Tampa, Florida.

Due to the escalation of the cold war threat in the mid 50's, there was some very serious expansion of U.S. military capabilities on the Subic Bay Naval Reservation due to its strategic location.  The Navy Seabees had just finished leveling a mountain side which became Cubi Point Naval Air Station.  Near that same time frame the top of Mt. Santa Rita had been leveled, the "million dollar highway" built to the summit and the construction of the microwave link tower was just finishing up. Anybody on parts of the base could easily see the tower many miles away because Mt. Santa Rita stood noticeably taller than its surrounding terrain.

In 1956, the Seabees had not finished the expansion of the Kalayaan housing area and we had to live in the upstairs part of a duplex in Olongapo for six months before a house became available to my family. Living in the middle of Olongapo, was an experience in itself, a culture shock!, that I will never forget! I was catching rides on jeepnees to get to the base to go to the hobby shop, skating rink, pool, movies, etc. at a young age (that is practically unheard of in modern times). At least a navy bus would go into town to take us "military brats" to and from the school on base. Once we moved into our house on the military reservation I could see "that radio relay tower", a few miles closer, but still far away, easily by day and its red blinking aircraft warning beacon light at night. I was always curious about it and wanted to go there.  I finally got the opportunity, at last!, to go to the top of Mt. Santa Rita some 2 1/2 years after I first arrived at Subic Bay.

We frequently had school field trips to board and tour aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, destroyers, mine sweepers, submarines and just about everything the navy had that floated. My most memorable field trip was to Corregidor Island in January of 1957 when the small water tanker vessel, the Mark (AKL-12) took us there (at 10 knots or less); 4 hours on the boat each way. We had about a 2 hour limited guided tour of Corregidor, a lot of shell holes, bullet holes in all buildings and a lot of rubble from the war that ended just short of 12 years from the time we were there.  The island hadn't been cleared of all live or unexploded ammo when I was there.  The second most memorable school trip was in January of 1959 when we toured the Santa Rita Mountain Microwave Relay Facility. It was during the dry season, no clouds and the view of Subic Bay, the Seven Sister's mountain peaks, Olongapo and Cubi Point was absolutely spectacular! Claude Darden, my friend in the same class, made some very clear, sharp and beautiful color 35mm slide photos while we were there. We've been in touch by email in recent years and I'm going to talk him into sending photos to the webmaster not only of the vista from the tower, but photos that will help fill the gaps of other links.

Posted 12-25-03
Greg Bucsit Jr.  Station Engineer, 1987 - 1992

Hi, I was surfing the net and stumbled on this site. Looking at the pictures did bring back the memories of those days at NLS.  I served as the link between the different batches of ET's and RM's ensuring that they were trained on the different Microwave and Multiplexing equipment.  I want to hear from all the people I worked with.

I am presently working at Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, United Arab Emirates on the GSM Mobile Network. I hope to hear from any of the guys.

Posted 1-22-04
Peter Matthews, PO1, 1986 - 1989
Electronics Technician or
Perla Matthews at: or

Hello everyone! I was surfing about Subic Bay and found this site. And oh what a surprise! Thank goodness. Reminds me of the "good ole days" in Subic Bay, Olongapo City. PHILS. I am the dependent spouse of Peter Matthews who served in Mt Sta. Rita Link Station from spring of 1986 until spring of 1989 as an ET. Bob and Moses, Pete will be retiring this year. He is now stationed in NAS-JRB Fort Worth, TX. I also included my email addresses just in case the ladies wanna get hold of me.  Just went through the pictures taken during that party held in Grande Island. Been wondering where are all the others now. Would really appreciate if we all could communicate again even just through emails. MORE POWER TO YOU! God bless all the people who had served in Mt. Sta. Rita LINKSTAY as well as their families. Posted by: Perla 

Posted 9-6-04
Kevin Sumpter, (Ret), 1985 - 1987

I was stationed at Santa Rita from 85-87 as part of the naval security force. Where did you such nice pictures of the mountains early years?

Posted 9-14-04
Gary Withrow, CYN3, December 1965 - October 1967

Thanks for the site.  Would enjoy hooking up with guys that served on the mountain during that time.  Returned in 1993, after the based closed, and enjoyed seeing all the changes.

Posted 9-14-04
Dianne Causey, 1982 - 1984

Hello Mt. STA Rita! - My first duty station in the Navy 1982-1984.  I believe I was the first woman to be stationed there.  My OIC was a vietnam vet that hated monkeys and snakes.  He would go into the jungle, kill snakes and take pictures of them for his wall.  I was an SKSN and made third class before I left.  We had one Chief stationed there, his name RMC Carmen who I believe retired in the PI.  Are there any fellow shipmates out there that were stationed there with me. My name at the time was Dianne Iacopella.  Love to hear from you....   P.S.  I retired Feb 2002 while stationed in Virginia after 20 years of faithful service.

Posted 4-5-10
Sabra Dagel, ET1, 82-86

Wow, I only just found this today. It was great reading messages as I remember a few of you posting here. The days I spent in the PI were some of the best in my life. I spent the day today looking through a huge box of old photo’s. Brought back some great memories.

Posted 4-5-10
Thomas M. Zanoli, 1956 -1957

My name is Thomas M. Zanoli.  I was a Storekeeper 2nd class assigned to the C.O. of the U S Naval Station at Subic Bay with TAD to the Mt. Santa Rita Link Station fromJune 25, 1956 thru August 22, 1957.  I was responsible for all supplies required at Mt. Santa Rita from Subic Bay.  Spent most days at the Link Station.  Would like to hear from anyone stationed there during those dates or any others.   My home address is ll02 Fifth Avenue, Ford City, Pennsylvania 16226.  Telephone 724 763 8505.

Posted 4-5-10
Mike McNeill,

I was with the activation crew  at Santa Rita.   I have a memeograph program of the start up ceremony, if anyone wants a copy.  It lista all the speakers and the people involved with construction.  It also list 1o 11 enlisted men that ran the site at the start.   Names were O.J. Morris CWO, Gessner ICC, Johnson ETC,Johnson EN1, Shaddy, RM@, McCulloch RM3, Yoder, ET3, McNeill EY3,. Hasty ET3, Richcreek, ET3, Paul ETN3.  I was there for about a year.  (finished tour of duty in 1958 as ET1) 

Posted 4-5-10
Dutch Stone, ’79 – ’83

Hi,   My name is Dutch Stone and I was at Mt. Santa Rita from ’79 – ’83. I got there as an ETSA and left as an ET2. My main occupational duty was station janitor until I made ET2, because even when I made 3rd nobody noticed as most ET’s were push-buttons anyway. I saw Dianne’s message and have to correct her – she wasn’t the first female there, RMSA Janine Pool and RM3 Vera Mae Tullis beat her to that acclaim. The OIC’s driver, the incomparable Mr. Diaz, who must have been about a million years old, had a hopeless and endless desire for a physical romantic interlude with poor Vera, and he used to pursue her constantly, much to our amusement, and which became the focus of many early morning bus ride discussions when we weren’t nursing hangovers. Personalities there during my tenure included LT Frank Phillips, OIC; Ding Villanueva, Station Engineer; Cosmic Cobb; RM3 Fatworth (sorry, Jerry); Beaker; Ma-Goo-Goo (from “Old Man Phillips Had a zoo, ee-eye-ee-eye-oh” fame); George Of the Jungle; Jungle John Maike, the Davao Kid; and Daddy Allen to mention a few. Some memorable moments include Cosmic Cobb and the Philippine cobra incident in the Marine guardshack; CW03 Thomas getting caught stealing Navy property and his subsequent forced retirement (too bad!); IC1 Garver driving his 1966 Plymouth Fury “over the edge” at about 45 mph in Barrio Barreto (boy did he have a headache, but it looked cool); my lost Barrio flip-flop and subsequent Olongapo PC evasion incident with ET3 Bridges and RM3 Brazil (sorry Dianne -- I lost the flip-flop but the Philippine Constable chase down Magsaysay was Tracy's fault); the harrowing we-are-going-to-be-late-for-the-ET2-exam drive from the top of Mt. Santa Rita to Subic’s Sampaguita Club I did in dress whites with ET3 Cobb and ET3 Lane as passengers in IC1 Garver’s other car, a bright lime green 1968 Plymouth RoadRunner (we made it, sorry about the radiator Gary); RM1 John Wayne Burn’s boulder heaving in which he managed a direct hit on an intruder trying to hide in the jungle (not only did we hear the bone crushing impact, but the poor Marine sentries were pelted with stones for the next 4 nights); and cruising in my 1968 RS Camaro in a land with no drinking or traffic laws. Ahh, PI days!                The Stoner

Posted 4-5-10
Eric Boswell, Et3, 1985-1988

Stumbling over this site churned up such memories. I miss the care free life we lead (off duty no doubt); along with our sense of duty? What a place... I could be there now and feel right at home. Thank all of you who served along side and made the experience truly great. I hope you guys are in good health and good spirits.  Boz  

Posted 4-5-10
Withrow, Gary, CYN3, Dec 1965 thru Oct 1967

Thanks for the site.  Would enjoy hooking up with guys that served on the mountain during that time.  Returned in 1993, after the based closed, and enjoyed seeing all the changes.

Posted 4-18-10
Eppley, BM1, 1988 - 1992

I was the coordinator for all job request for PWC to be done at station. I worked in the security dept, also was CDO the last year before I transfered out. Drop me a line. Currently living in AZ.

Posted 4-18-10
Joe Jordan, 1956

Hi,I'm Joe Jordan.  I was at the liink station very often when it was new....1956.  I spent many hours there, and the drive up the hill was really fun.  One curve was named Richcreek corner because thats where Rich dumped the truck over.....we also went hunting on the mountain in the jungle.  I was sent to open San Miguel when it was under construction.  I was a CT3, and stayed there until 12/58.  The whole town outside San Miguel was built while I was there.  What a beautiful Navy Base,  right on the South China Sea.  I don't remember the names of any other people on the hill.....maybe some one else does.  I'd love to hear from others who were there.

Posted 5-26-10
Dave Runyon, 1977 - 1978

Greetings, I was temporarily stationed at Mount Santa Rita for 6-8 months 1977-1978. I had been permanently attached to NavCommSta San Miguel when I went to Mt. Sta Rita.   It was great duty. They had access to the 16mm film library at Subic and everyday when we would run GuardMail we would stop at the library and pick up films for the guys who had overnight duty that day. There was a pool table, bar and darts in the lounge area and having overnight duty really improved my game. Meals were really good too. The only part that was a bit arduous was the ride everyday, back and forth. If you ran GuardMail that meant twice a day. I could probably go on, but need to know what you want in a “history”, seeing as I was only there for a few months.

Posted 1-16-11
L/Cpl William (Bill) Harder, 1985 - 1986

Hello all.  Was stationed at Mt. Santa Rita as NCOIC from Oct 85 thru Feb of 86.  I was from A Co Starboard plt.  Have great memories of my time there. Awesome chow! The cooks there were the best. Loved movies on the weekends.  Hated the monkeys! And still do to this day!  I got one once,  during re-ac drill came out the side door.  I happened to have my M16 with me with the bayonet attached. I was between the little creep and the fence.  Boy was he surprised. He took off and I caught him with my bayonet . He flipped into the razor wire.  He let out a scream. He disappeared into the jungle.  I thought he was dead.  To my surprise he showed up about a month later with a large scar! Lucky SOB. Met a lot of wonderful people who were serving there. If anyone wants to chat about the days gone by, email me.  Take care! God Bless.

Posted 7-25-11
Anderson Cox, 1971 - 1972

What great pictures, thanks. They are very early ones, I gotta wonder where you got them.  I was at Santa Rita in 1971/72 as OIC. (CWO2 Andy Cox). I relieved CWO2 Jere Avenson, who’s crew installed an inoperable 3” gun mount at the entrance to the station.  Ding Villenueva was our station engineer and Diaz was my driver. What a great tour that was except for the occasional hijacking of our trucks going down the mountain. No serious injuries though and we eventually got our trucks back. Thanks again.

Posted 7-25-11
Ed Bridges, January 1981 - January 1985

Well Dang Fire, Hey Stoner, Sabra and Dianne. I just wanted to see what came of The Mountain and I saw this.  Many fun times remembered and just as many not remembered.  These were the last years of my wild and crazy phase, but what a way to finish. Yo Stoner. Just between you and I, I know exactly where your flip-flop is. It's buried 2 feet down in front of Philory's where your foot sank in the "quickmud" during that downpour.  Remember, it would rain on occasion,  HA, HA!

This place was incredible for someone with as little self control as I had at the time.  I remember most every name that Stoner mentioned. Cosmic Cobb is the one that introduced me to Olongapo on my first night in town.  I was never the same after. Ding had "The College Of Ding"  for all new arrivals, to intro them to microwave communications.  I think he got a job offer from the U.S. and went for it.  Ding was cool. Everyone knows Mr. Diaz.  Another thing I also remember is if you were 1 minute late for the bus, then you were 2 hours late for work, after getting a personal jeepney and surviving the National Highway ride to The Mountain.  Remember the Victory liners coming around the curves on their sides.  Of all the many things I deserved to be in the OIC's office about, the only thing I had the honor of visiting him for was repetitive lateness.

Up on the UHF floor, Beaker, Big Bob and I would paint rhino beetles with numbers and stripes and race them.  Once PMs, repairs and 10 down tone checks were done you had a lot of time to be "creative".  I suppose I could have been studying for my rating exam, but why would I do that?  I eventually did though. For awhile we had a "comic strip" for The Mountain.  It mostly dealt with CWO Thomas and his "hatred" of banana trees and monkeys (Poor misunderstood George Of The Jungle).

RM3 Brazil, ET2 Jim, SKSN Iacopella and I had this huge 4 bedroom house out in Mabayuhan.  I think we paid about $50 a month each.  He-e-ey Dianne!  Mornings on the bus, the entertainment was watching Dianne and I argue about how I trashed the entire kitchen making a tuna sandwich and didn't clean up after myself.  Sorry Dianne.  RM3 Brazil would just sit over in the corner and shake his head. For the first few months our only furniture was our beds, my stereo and Tracy's TV.  The landlady felt sorry for us and let us borrow a set of rettan living room furniture.

We spent a lot of time on the mountain, usually 4 section duty, but for the most part it seemed like a big family and it was actually fun.  Movies on duty nights and a couple of table video games in the lounge.  The cook was great.  That is the last time I ate full breakfasts every morning.  Great omelets.  As fun as it was, I would not wanted to have been one of the Marines who spent 7 days at a time there. Anyway, that's just a few memories I can mention in mixed company.

Some of our favorite establishments were, The Stoned Crow, Brown Fox (ate most of my evening meals there. Usually Pansit), 99% Rock, The Sierra Club, Apple Rock.  These were some of the best cover bands I have ever seen.  They would play the recent and classic music and sound "exactly" like the original.  Vocally and instrumentally. Does anyone remember a little hole in the wall about a half a block off Magsaysay called Wilfredo's. Oh!, The Freak Stagger Inn on the back alley.  Mom's was a little ways down Rizal.  I ate many club sandwiches at The Airport restaurant.  The one fancy restaurant for me was The Bahay restaurant on Rizal. I would get the whole sweet and sour Lapu Lapu. Out in Barrio Barretto was Philory's and 100% Rock.  There was Subic City, but we won't discuss that place here.

I also remember being slightly perturbed when they regulated the colors of the Jeepneys (Jitneys?).  They were a lot cooler when they were all little pieces of art. I'll shut up for now.  Seeing these names just brought back so many memories. It looks like there are long periods in between posts.  I'll check back in a couple of months. Until Then, Ed and Nelia

P.S.  Who remembers the Bill The Cat Fan Club?

Posted 4-8-12
John Karlson, ’66 – ’67

Left after court martial of the Marine – was a witness, from there to SIERE training, then Viet Nam COM Seventh Fleet Det Charlile (Siagon), finally to Harold E. Holt NAVCom Station in Australia.

Posted 4-8-12
Alex Beattie, ETN3, Oct 1966 - Jan 1968

I arrived at Mt Santa Rita fresh out of ET school at Treasure Island. The OIC was CWO Fred Harrison. Great guy, nice family. The senior ET was Dale Kirkwood (Kirkland?). Ding was the Station Engineer (did he ever get to the States?), Diaz & Domingo were the drivers and the cook lived at the base of the mountain in a house that he shared with his pigs. Some of the guys I served with were Denny Young (ET), Dick Messman (ET), Ken ? (Storekeeper), John Carlson (CYN), Pete Watson (CYN), Gary Withrow (CYN), Dave Honeycutt (CYN), Dale Kirkwood (ETN1) and Duane Manderfield (CYN). Duane is deceased but I don't know about the others. Highlights of my tour include: The shootout - an unhappy Marine private chased his Corporal through the barracks and managed to squeeze off a few rounds without hitting anyone. The snake - one night while returning to the mountain in a Chevy van, we rounded the hairpin curve and ran over a snake that was so big the van bounced into the air like we hit a curb. That snake's body was so long its head was in the jungle on one side of the road and its tail was in the jungle on the other. And it's body actually looped around like a big S. By the time we stopped and backed up, the snake had gone. The next day a couple of guys wanted to go look for it, but not me. I was afraid it might be looking for us! Pete Watson's wedding in Manila - Pete liked to listen in on phone calls and one night he broke into the line to talk with a sweet young Fipina girl. Turns out that she lived in Manila, her parents were prosperous and she didn't mind that he had been eavesdropping. The wedding was a huge event. Practically everyone on the Station was involved. It was my job to light a candle during the ceremony and I was afraid my matches wouldn't light because I was sweating like crazy. Diaz's Detour - Diaz and I went up to Clark AB to pick up some gear and on our way back he took a detour to avoid a town festival. The detour quickly turned into a water buffalo path but Diaz, who always seemed to be in a bad mood, kept going. We reached a spot where a small stream crossed the path and some young boys were playing at the edge of what appeared to be a large mud puddle directly in our path. Diaz shouted something at the boys and they responded in kind. A few angry words later Diaz stepped on the gas and drove directly into the mud puddle. Which turned out to be a place where the boys would wash their water buffalo and it was about four feet deep with a steep drop-off. I wish I had taken a picture of that pickup truck standing on its nose in the mud! The Fruit Bat Migration - One evening as I looked across the mountains toward San Miguel, I saw couple of large birds that I thought might be eagles. But as I watched they were joined by another, then another and it occurred to me that eagles don't fly in flocks. Suddenly there were thousands of these huge vampire-like shapes winging their way to the Bataan Peninsula. Thinking about it still gives me the creeps.   How is that some of the posts on this site indicate multiple years stationed at Mt Santa Rita? When I was there the standard tour was 18 months. Although I only stayed 15. But I'll save that story for later.    

Posted 4-8-12
Darryl Stewart, CWO3 Retired, Sept 69 - May 81

Chief in Charge (ICC then)   Hey Stone, saw your message and was tickled.  Even though you left me out of the narrative, you were right to correct Dianne about being the first woman.  Ding passed away about 4 0r 5 years ago in Ca. and was buried in PI.  Went and saw ETCS Taylor and Mr. Phillips in SC at Taylor's house about 3 years ago.  Maguyons still in Ca as is Palugod and Villaraza.  Ever know what habbened to Roger Cauley??   Good touching base   

Posted 5-2-12
Bob Dicknite, 1983 - 1987

I am Bob Dicknite, retired ETCS(SW).  I was stationed at Mt Santa Rita Nov 83 - Aug 87.  Had a great time there, many memories, know many of you on this web site.  I was AOIC at the time.  I live in Chula Vista, Ca now.  Do you remember the Philippines riots and base closing in 86, we sent patrols out rounding up people to be heloed from our pad back to their respective bases?  Well, hope to hear from you.   Bob Dicknite 

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