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Posted 12-1-10
Malou Ortega Lewis, Education & Training/Central Texas College 1985-Closing

G'day all:   My name is Malou and I was the registrar for Central Texas College and ensuring everybody's enrolled with the CCAF with the help of the NCOIC Education & Training. I did had a great time working there and very fond memories of some people stationed there.    I am now a registered nurse here in Australia-been living here for almost 12 years.  My late hubby brought me here who was a pom. My son Jason Martin (Billy Martin's son-finance) is now a computer engineer in California and finishing his masters.  I will be going home this December to check out Wallace and will take pictures of the junction, miramonte, ellen's bar. beach resorts, driftwood, market and Baguio etc.  Anybody wants a pic by then, please email me.  A lot of civilians that I know of who used to work at Wallace are now at rest.  It brings tears to my eyes.  Anyway, nice to see familiar names here and if you want to say Gday, please do so.  I'm just a busy body working night shifts all the time and teach Certificate 3 in Aged Care and Community Care. Take care, and all the best...   Cheers, Malou

Posted 12-1-10
Jason Nichols, MSgt, 89-90, Firefighter (SrA/Sgt at the time)

Good Bye Dear Friend

This message is meant as a courtesy to anyone who was a friend of Angeli Tolentino (Howarth).  She left her husband Ross and son Mike behind recently as she left this world from an ailment.  She will be missed by all who knew her and loved her.

Posted 12-1-10
Larry Cereghino, Sgt 1961, Com Center, 1970-1972

I was happy to see this page, Wallace was my first over seas tour, when I landed at the air strip, I said where am I, all I saw when I came off the plane was a rice patty field and a kid on a carobu. Over cast and rain...   I was 20 yrs old at the time. I was taken to the base and got my room and checked out the base, which didn't take too long, started meeting all the guys, My best friend  CJ was their ahead of me.....   loved the area, went into town alot, we even rented a house on the beach, but had to comeback on the base during elections.. lots  of my buddies got married at Poro point... I was in a few a weddings, but not my own hahahahahah i was chicken.   I have been back to the Pi a few times, would enjoy seeing that area again,  love to hear from any guys I would have know...   thanks Larry Cereghino

Posted 1-16-11
MSGT Terry Whitley, 1985 - 1986

Hello. I‘m  MSGT Terry Whitley. I was stationed at Wallace back in 1985 to 1986. I enjoyed it so much that I went back in 1987 until 1989. It was nice to see all those familiar names on website.

Posted 7-25-11
David Redshaw, A1C, July 1969-Aug 1970
1961 Comm. Gp, Det 6, Ground Radio Maint (30434)

I found this site 40 plus years after I left there and it brought back a lot of memories. I hung around with Richard Milan until he left in the spring of 70, I saw him once in San Jose, Ca in the fall of 70. I can’t remember any other names that much, some faces maybe. I do remember the Ron Schmidt incident. I think Steve Whaley had it about the way I remembered it. I did spent a lot of time at the Harbor Light, I tried to pick up on Julie (the young lady behind the bar) for quite some time. We did go out once. Came to Wallace straight from Keesler, turned 19 a few months after I got there. I went through the Typhoon, the Earthquake and the threat of a tidal wave. I watched the landing on the moon while I was there. I remember the sand on the beach was so hot it would burn your feet, during monsoon was so humid you couldn’t hardly breath. I was young and ignorant then, did a lot of stupid stuff. I probable spent way too much time downtown. Did enjoy one really nice trip to Bagio though, the only taste of cool weather I had the whole 13 months I was there.

Posted 7-25-11
Hubert (Stormy) Weathers, A1C, 1954 - 55

Duty was a Clerk.  Best tour of duty in my career.

Posted 7-25-11
TSgt Franklin M Shirley, 1974-75 & 89-90

Looking for any of the old Tired Tigers.

Posted 7-25-11
Richard Forton, Sgt, 1970-1972

I’m Richard Forton, Sgt, 1970-1972, Radar Maintenance. Had a great time at Wallace, would love to make contact with anyone that may remember us.  Alma whom I married before I left and myself live in MI now.

Posted 4-7-12
Sgt Cedric Davis, 1961 Comm Grp, 1971 - 1972

I just came across my "OUTCAST" plaque. On a previous post if by the work bus you mean the black chevy nomad that the black guy (shame i can't remember his name) drove up to the site and they turned him and the nomad to swiss cheese. or was there another incident?       COD was a fun tour of duty, I always describe it as a cross between McHales Navy and Gilligans Island. It's been so long i can still see the people but i can't remember their names. I do remember an SP he was from New York, his last name was Braden, he was one crazy sob, does anybody know where this guy is? 

Posted 4-7-12
Daniel Allen, 1963 - 1966

I am Daniel Allen, and was assigned to Det 6, 1961st  Comm Gp and was assigned at Wallace from 1963 to 1966.  I worked in the Comm Center.  I have been living back here in the PI since 2003, renting in the Capitol View Subdivision just down the street from the old Harbor Lights.  It brings tear to my eyes to see this once a swinging club deteriorate like this.  I ran into a Filipino the other day and said they were having a reunion for Wallace this year, but have not seen anything posted. Would love to hear about any reunion. This place has really changed.  All the old places are gone.  Marimonte Beach resort is still here along with Long Beach.  The old cliff area by the light house is now part of the Thunderbird Resort and Casino.  VOA is totally gone.  I do stay in touch with Sam Ward, Charles Wiggington, and Roger Dvorack.

Posted 6-27-12
SMSgt (Ret) Jerry Hajny, Wallace AS, 1977 - 1980

Yes, I turned a remote one year assignment into three years. I have many fond memories of my assignment there. It was my first overseas tour as an air surveillance operations tech. I could write pages of stories but I will just post a few highlights for now. I got my advanced open water divers license there. Some times we used to head right down the stairs on the cliff to go diving after work. You didn't even need a banca boat, the diving was great as the reef encircled the base. I must have collected hundreds of shells. I think David Jewell was one of my dive buddies. I went to Baguio a lot, I bought some guys old Yamaha 360 enduro black with red stripes and went everywhere with that thing. I went up in the hills where people lived in huts on stilts where they told me they hadn't seen an American since WWII. I rented a house on the other side of town with three bedrooms, four dogs and three liv-in maids for $150 a month. Those were the days!

Posted 6-27-12
Randy Wilkinson, A1C, Det 2, 14 Comm Sq, Aug 71 - Sep 72

I worked in the Detachment orderly room admin spec.  Capt Zdilla was CC, then Capt Courier.  I was a one striper and replaced SSgt Henningsen and when I left my replacement was  TSgt Curley.  How crazy is that?  A one striper in a TSgt slot.  So I didn’t know much but adapted well to the off station life-style nonetheless.  I remember some of the guys there at the time, Sgt Pickelhaupt, A1C Joel Parmenter, Sgt Marty Martinez, Tsgt Celaya, a couple guys from the power plant,  848th and others.   I can see their faces but their names elude me now.   I had some good times back there and am glad I was able to be there during those years. 

Posted 10-02-12
Richard Carr, April 1970 to May 1971

I am Richard Carr and was stationed at Wallace Air Station as a member of the 848 ACW Sq. form April 1970 to May 1971. I was an Airman 1st class at the time. This was the place to be as a "remote" assignment. I spent many hours at the COM listening to "Willy Willy WASCOM" and drinking the 10 cent beer during happy hour. Then there were the trips up the mountain to John Hay Air base for several days of Golf and "sight seeing", the choppers arriving for steak day, the "bubble checks" and guys snapping pictures like crazy, playing softball against the Navy guys whey they docked in Poro Point or (were we just using it as another excuse to drink more beer), climbing down the stairs to the beach to snorkel,  running the 16mm theater for most of my time there, etc. Really some good memories from the rock. Sorry but I can remember only a few of the names of the guys I was stationed with-Paul Wallace, Scott Forney, Lt. Desautelles and Sgt. Savage. It would be great to here from anyone who was there at that time. Now live in KY.

Posted 11-9-12
Frank Holtzclaw, SGT, Radio Repairmen, 1972 - 1973

I just ran up on this message board. My wife had never seen WAS and decided to look it up on the computer. Brought back a lot of memories when reading the message board. I remember some guys...Capt. Courier, George Zimmerman, Andy(Charlie) Pickelhaupt, Mike Foslid, Bob Matthews, Dean Degarmo, and Gilberto Agosto. If any of you remember me, give me a holler. We had some great times and didn’t really appreciate them until we got home. Hope to hear from you.    Frank Holtzclaw

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