Sangley Naval Station

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Posted 6-23-02
Doug Graham PFC, Guard Det. 1971 - Till Closing

Is there any one from Marine Guard Detachment out there from back then?

Posted 6-23-02
PCCM Abel Quinones, USN (Retired), 1954 - 1955

I served as a Teleman Second Class at the Navy Post Office #961 Naval Station Sangley Point from Aug 54 to Sep 55. My duties were driving mail truck from Sangley Point to the Manila Airport to pick up mail and stopped at the American Embassy to pick up and deliver mail. On several of these trips we were fired upon without any damage to ourselves. Nonetheless, the bullet holes were inbedded into the truck we drove. I also made trips by (R4D) air station aircraft to Clark Air Base and made trips to Subic Bay on the old AKL to exchange mail. I was on the group of postal clerks who initiated the Carrier on deck delivery of mail and cargo. We used two converted TBMs to do the job. The pilots of the aircraft did not want the responsibility of handling the registered mail on the aircraft and the ensured delivery to the ship.

Posted 8-15-02
John Arnold, CTM3-CTM1, 1954 - 1956

At Sangley June '54-'56. Worked at Naval Security Group Detachment, ComNavPhil and as Station Engineer for Armed Forces Radio Station KTLG under management of Dan Daniels. Also worked at White Hats Club as assistent manager/sound system opereator. Perry DeGuzman was major music band for Club during this time frame. Anyone who can update me on Dan and Perry would receive my Thanks.

Posted 9-16-02
Bob Stockwell, SK2,  October 1955 to July 1956

Naval Communication Facility Philippines, as Storekeeper in Maintenance and Supply Division.    July 1956 to September 1957, Naval Radio Facility (T) Bagobantay near Quezon City, PI as Storekeeper.  The facility had 30 Marines, 30 Naval personnel and six Air Force personnel.  As Storekeeper took care of all supply functions for the facility as well as being manager of the for a six month period of the facility enlisted men's club.   Bob Stockwell, SKC, USNR, (Retired)

Posted 10-2-02
Kenneth Feieln, ADR3, Air Ops, 1969 - 1970

Posted 10-7-02
AT1 Bill Clark, VR-21, '70 - '74

I was the communications operator for a C-118 aircraft that ferried the Marine Guards out of Sangley Point to Futema, Okinawa in June 1971. The Marines obviously didn't want to leave and neither did their ladies. Some of us thought there must have some voodoo being performed by unknown others because of things happening to hamper the simple task of flying these off the base. First, there was not enough aviation gas left on the base to fill up so we had to top off in Cubi. We could not start the #3 engine which drew a "thumbs up" from most of the guys. After off-loading the passengers, we "windmill" started on the runway and taxied back to the terminal to pick them up.  As I can recall, we were the last USN aircraft to depart from Sangley.

Posted 11-11-02
Ed Underwood, USNS Crash Crew, 1962- 1963

Posted 11-12-02
T. J. Hull, AMS -2, VW-1 Crew #3, 1964 - 1966

Never will forget the time I took a short cut over the club patio wall to go back to the huts. God what a smell.

Posted 12-06-02
Charles W. Freel, LTJG, December 1967 to October 1969
Surface Ops Officer, Assistant Security Officer, Navy Investigator, Brig Officer

Would love to hear from anyone who knew me at that time.

Posted 12-10-02
Joe Bradley RM3 1964 - 1966

I'm looking for Tyler Hartman and Jim Benham who served with me in the communications division. Tyler was a red headed chap who drove a Honda Superhawk and Jim Benham was a tall lanky fellow who was just a nice guy. Anyone know these people?   Thanks

Posted 12-12-02
Virgil Dale Smith, YNSN, Jan 1951 - Jan 1953  

Air Operations yeoman back when the station air fleet consisted of a DC-3, a PBY, a PBM and a P-47 Thunderbolt used most often for acrobatics by Ltjg. Junkin and for spraying mosquitoes.  I often crewed for the PBY and PBM for jaunts to Clark and Subic to deliver the mail.  Was briefly at Subic when ship's company was less than 300.  One of our best pilots was a 1st class petty officer, but I can not remember his name, only the time when we got one wheel up with one wheel down on the way back from Clark.  We finally got the second wheel down, but no hydraulics - so he came in low along the water, hopped over the sea wall and set that baby down hard - and it was all we could do with the reversed props to stop just short of the end of the runway. Would like to make contact from anyone from that era.

Posted 12-25-02
Charles M. (Jelly) Jellison SFCBP3, 1946 - 1948
Water Maintenance and Sewage Disposal and Public Works Yeoman

Looking for anyone who served at Sangley Point with CBD 1513 1946-1948.

Posted 12-31-02
Conrad Everson USN RET, 1954

We used Sangley as a typhoon evacuation base from Okinawa a couple times in 1954. I was in VP57 stationed at Naha Okinawa. I was an AO3 flight crew member. Had some good times in town. The Hucks were quite active then, so you had to watch yourself.

Posted 1-06-03
Airops P. Anthony,  RM2,  59 - 61

Trying to remember bars on Radio Rd. Bill's White Hat Hanger and Blue Moon come to mind.  There were several others. San Miguels were 60 centavos. Also the famous hotel on P. Burgos - Shay Fu. Course I never went there myself. Also remember the great fried taco and cheese biscuit joint just outside the main gate.

Posted 1-7-03
Ron Phillips, 1968 - 1969

Hi, I was stationed at the NAVCOMMCEN at Sangley Pt 68-69 as an RM2/1. It was by far the best duty station I ever had and I had some good ones in my 30 yrs with the USN. I was a teletype and crypto repairman supported most of the places that had communications. The place on the right outside the gate that sold cheese biscuits was called Adeling’s I think.

Posted 1-12-03
RmC Willie B. H. Harbin, USN RET, Sept 70 - Until Closed

RmC Willie B. H. Harbin, USN RET> Arrived Sangley Sept 70 Remained until base closed, then transferred to NAVCOMMSTAPHIL at San Miguel. Worked circuit control and commcen Sangley, then Receiver site San Miguel. Great Duty and great people, both military and civilian.

Posted 1-16-03
Dwayne Raser, Te 3, July 1954 - March 1956.

I was with Fasron 119. I worked in our communications office. Lived in the "Tyhpoon Barracks".  I do remember "Mom's" place , "The three Sisters", and quite a number of others. Also the theatre in Cavite. Saw a lot of movies there. Would love to hear from anyone who was with the 119.

Posted 1-20-03
Joseph K Jordan, EN 3, Yard Tug Boat 421, 1948 - 1950

Also on YON 186 that sunk in bay. Was wild and wooly back then. Many good times. Watched them drive interlocking steel pilings out into the bay creating a sea wall and dredging bay bottom in too form the runway so F 80 jets could land there. After 8 years Regular Navy, I pulled 22 years Reserve time and retired ADC. We flew the P2Vs and R 5 Ds. Give me an email. Like to hear from you.

Posted 1-28-03
MgySgt Dave Modlin, USMC Retired, 1958 - 1959

I was at Marine Barracks in 58 and 59. Bowled a lot at the base bowling lanes. I was a guard on the main gate a lot. Also at the rear landing. Had a lot of San Miguel at the Lighthouse Bar. Quite a ride on the liberty boat to Manila. Took a 5 day R&R at Bago Bantay. Really enjoyed the golf course.... Semper Fi

Posted 2-10-03
Dick Kelley CT(M)2, Mid 1955 - Mid 1957

I worked at NAVCOMFACPHIL in the Security Group and CommSta repairing comm receivers and teletypes.  Lived in the "hut area" in one of the wonderful quonset huts out near the end of the point.  Rode the bus to work before buying a Lambretta scooter that was also good for trips to town and around the countryside.  There were good times and bad times; the HUK rebellions, Magsaysay's death, restrictions to the base during the local elections, rec trips to Corregidor and San Miguel brewery, a Christmas leave in Baguio, a year end trip to Hong Kong in 56 aboard the Regulus, Joni James performing at the EM Club (just after a small earthquake), playing pinochle and cribbage in the hut, moving quickly out as the mosquito spray jeep came around in the evenings, riding the liberty boat to Manila and back among the wrecks in the harbor, a two month TAD to shore patrol, and more than I can remember.

Liberty in Cavite City was always an adventure.  My favorite place to drink and socialize was the Sea Island out beyond the check point. Movies at La Perla were great, with young boys selling San Miguel during the show;  the seats were hard but after a while you didn't care.  Water skiing off the beach west of town among the jellyfish.  Jeepney and Saulog bus rides; whoooeee.  Meals at Chi Foo's, yum; Lumpia and fried rice were favorites.  Changing scrip for P's and throwing the centavos to the kids just outside the gate.  Buying hot buns and cheese or butter at the bakery before hitting the sack after a night out.

Guys I worked with; Fred Links, Don McCoy, Parrish the crypto guy, Frank Lawless, Albert Stone, Don Wolfenbarger and many others.  Memory grows dim.  I would like to hear from anyone who was there then.

Posted 2-10-03
AT1 H. R. Piechocki, 1962 - 1965

Stationed at Sangley from 1962 till 1965. Worked at Base Security for a short time and then at AIMD. Great duty.

Posted 2-17-03
John Davis, RM1, USN, Ret, 1955 - 1957 and 1959 - 1961

NavComFacPhil was my first duty station after Teleman "A" school.  I reported in in August of 1955 and left in 1957.  I was assigned to the Message Center and lived in the beautiful hut area. I returned to Navsta Sangley as an RM2 in 1959 and departed for Conus in 1961 I lived with my wife in the big white house next to the main gate, across the street from the bus stop.  Some of the names I remember were Larry Williams, Bill Long, Chief Creed.  My favorite watering hole was the California Bar and Resturant around the corner from the movie house and the 7 Seas. Warm regards to all.

Posted 2-23-03
Jim Pope, EN2, 1968 - 1970

I was with Port Operations from July 68 to July 70. Like to hear from all shipmates.

Posted 3-06-03
Bill Mueller PH3 USN, !967 - 1968

Made two deployments to Sangley with VP-42 67-68. Without a doubt the best time of my life. Can anyone tell me if I would be allowed back on the base if I were to fly back for a visit? Thanks

Posted 3-19-03
Bob Ragland, RM3/RM2, 1965 - 1967

I worked at the Communications Center.  What I remember most is the boat rides across the bay to the landing at the American Embassy in Manila, then stopping at the Manila Hotel for a cold draft San Miguel.  People I remember are Tom Alessi, Jerry Ford and Don McDonald.  I retired in 1982, work as a government contractor performing operational test and evaluation of command and control, and communications systems.

Posted 3-30-03
Jess Brooks, RM3,  Dec 1952 - Dec 1954 (updated 10-15-07)

I would like to hear from anyone. I think they built a new EM club while I was there. Stationed at NavComFacPhil. Speed key operator on admin. circuit. I forget many names but remember the following names and would like to hear from them. Ron Brown AZ, Don Wilson, Charles Wecker, Garrett, Lehne, John Bunch, Bobby Gunther, Bob Foreson, Hood, Baggio, Edwin Jata. Our hut boy's name was Andy.

Posted 10-18-03
Jim Prather, 1953 - 1955

Jim Prather worked at the Station Armory from 1953 -1955.  .this was across the street from the Chief's club and Boat Ops .  Big plane crash in the armory area.  I remember People's Bar, the Anchor Inn and the Silver slipper. Would like to hear from anyone, especially Bill Timmons from Okla.

Posted 10-18-03
Wes Linscott, RMSN / RM3, Sangley Communications Center, July 1969 - January 1971 (Updated 2-4-05)

Worked in the message center as a "tape ape" and then service clerk.  Also operated the MARS station on base, N0IKK.  Met my wife Anita in Cavite and we were married 10 days before I transferred out.  Our 34th anniversary is coming up soon!  We have 3 grown kids and 6 grandkids.  I now work for the Maine State Police in communications as a dispatcher/9-1-1 Operator.  It would be great to hear from old shipmates! 

Posted 10-18-03
Reggie Brown, AZ1, USN Ret, 1968, 1970 - 1971

Reggie Brown, Deployed there in 1968 with VP-49 then Stationed there from June 1970- July 1971 at AIMD production control. Looking to hear from any of the AIMD or Jamaica Bar Crew.

Posted 10-18-03
Bill Hartley HM3, 1970

Navy Recruiting - TAD to the dispensary. 1970.   I would love to hear from the guys in recruiting or at the dispensary.  I spent a lot of time at the lighthouse bar, and running with Neil Johnson and Bill Harris.

Posted 10-18-03
George White, 1969 - 1970

Served at Sangley from Jan. 69 to Apr. 70. Was assigned to Boat Ops/Port Services as a deck seaman. Crewed on two different crash boats and also solo coxswain on various LCM'6's. We worked hard and we partied hard. Made many a trip down to Subic via our boats pulling barges loaded w/various supplies. Love to crew on our YTL we had. I have to admit I was quite a character though during my stay. Serving at Sangley was the best years of my life.

Posted 10-28-03
Bruce Dettloff
My Dad (and the family) CTR1 Don Dettloff was stationed at Sangley Point, 1956 - 1957

He was promoted to CTRC while in Sangley, before we were transferred up to San Miguel.  He passed away in 1999.  I was in third grade while we were there.  I remember brown and white rice cakes and banana fritters.  Also, some really great bread.  I remember going to see movies at a local theater and having some of them dubbed into Tagalog.  There was a sailor named Hi Nolan, that I seem to remember.  He had a scooter (one of those Vespa type things) that he parked in the yard of our off-base house.  He had a four leaf clover stitched on the cover to the spare wheel.  When he returned to pick up the scooter, someone had strewn clover seeds all around the bike and it looked like the spare cover had given birth.  We had great Filipino neighbors and great times.  We lived on Kabog street (also called fourth street).  Dad built a play house for the kids and put in a Koi pond (but we never got any Koi fish for it.).  We had a pet monkey that used to try and teach the pet dog to how to peel a banana.  The pet dog got rabies and the whole family had to go through rabies shots (1 in the tummy, every day for 14 days).  That was a painful experience.  Things got a lot less interesting when we moved up to San Miguel.  Still, it was exciting for a kid and the PI was a lot safer back then.

Posted 11-16-03
(Dependant of) Chief Don Campman's, 1951 - 1954

I was Chief Don Campman's dependant at Sangley from 51-54.  I attended the American School in Manila and we took LCMs and AVRs across the bay daily as our school boat.  Oh the memories!  Have located other dependants: i.e. Jim Novelli, George and Susie Wigfall, Tien Foo Ting and Duane Bauley from Fasron 119 who used to hang out with us.  We are also looking for others from Fasron at that time such as Al Florentine, Nick Nichols.  Make your presence known.

Posted 11-29-03
Bob Lowell, RMC Retired, 1956 - 1958

Had two tours of duty in the Philipines. The first one at NAS Sangley Point, where I worked with NPO in the various message centers as a Teleman 2nd Class. That was from 1956 to 1958. Later, from 1961 to 1963, I was at San Miguel, working in Circuit Control in theTerminal Building. I was a RM-2319. Really enjoyed the work there, and learned a lot. I retired from the Navy in 1974, and spent 27 years in private industry (radio manufacturers) until I completely retired.A couple of years ago I came out of retirement to work as a contractor to the Army.Enjoying myself immensely. Retirement is not what it's cracked up to be. Would love to hear from any other circuit controller radiomen who might remember me.

Posted 12-26-03
Jess P. Tomey, AME-3, 1963 - 1965
Parachute Loft, AMD "Barnyarder"

Hello Brother Squids. I spent 17-months at the beautiful Point and loved just about every day of it. For a large part of my tour I worked for Chief Eugene "Buzz" Sawyer and later for a nice chief who became an Ensign or JG sometime in late 1964. I had a PO2 named Walmer and a fellow called the "Boo-gow King' in there, too, as well as Elmo Cunningham. My buddies were Jim Cerrone, Mike Wagner, Tom Fischer, Joe Sargent and Red Sexton among others who came from the various VP squadrons who TDY'ed there the last part of my tour. I loafed at places like "Sonny's", "Cora's Upscope" downtown and a few other joints closer to the Main Gate. I played on the Division softball and flag football teams, and spent a lot of time shooting pool in the bowling alley when I wasn't draining more than my share of "San Magoo's' in the EM Club or at various other spots on-base like house-parties in the married EM billets. I hung out with guys from Admin., the Hospital, Av. Ord., Base Security and the Fire Crew, too, as well as the Boat Division. Heck, I even associated with a few Marines! Anyway, I hope someone will remember me from the Good Ol' Days and give me a buzz.  The reason I say the Good Ol' Days is because I joined the Army in late-1966 and served two-tours as an engineer in Viet Nam. Major foul-up on my part, but again I met some real good brothers who I wouldn't trade for all the 'Short-Times' on the planet!

Posted 1-25-04
James Jones (Jimmy), RM1, Ret., 1966 - 1967 and 1968 - 1971

Was at Sangley from 66-67 and again from 68-71. Just left to go to RM "B" school and ComSysTech school. What a fog. I also had another tour at NCSP 73-75. Went back as a Civilian contractor, worked in Crow Valley for Ford Aerospace who ran the bombing range under contract from 88-91 when Mt. Pinatubo blew up. I have many memories of people, places and specific incidents, unfortunately they are sort of all mixed up as to which tour was involved. Too much San Miguel most of the time. You could remember me as an RMSN through RM2 and within 24hours of sewing on RM1 at one point. I managed to go up or down once or twice a year. Too bad they didn't have velcro in those days. Anyway after 4 different tours (3 military 1 civilian) and 4 different wives, (traded her in with each tour) have ended up in Texas. Was retired on a Medical in 77 while in San Diego. If anyone remembers me from any of the tours drop me a line. Just put Sangley  or COMSTAPHIL in the subject line, as I delete any messages without opening it that I don't recognize the name on. Too much junk mail and more nasty things to catch than you could catch in the PI.  Anyone remember Lito's, the smallest bar on Radio Road but only ComCen folks were there. some of the coldest beer in town.

Posted 1-28-04
Dave Bowser, 1967 - 1969

Hi all. I was stationed at Sangley from June 1967 - Jan 1969. I was in OMD. Just looking for any of the OMD Hackers out there. I have a house in Cebu, haven't been back to Caviti, may-be next trip. Anyone from our group I would love to hear from.

Posted 2-3-04
Hank Gutman, 1965 - 1967

Hank Gutman here.  Was stationed at Communications Center Sangley Point April 65 to April 67 as Ens/LTJG  Was in charge of Message Center, I remember some fine people there, Chiefs Vaughn, Pelfry, RM1st Golding and Allen, also  Yeoman Chief Aries(?), and civilian draftsman Greg ___. Ens/jg Mark Finley, what was XO's name?    I remember that CINCPAC's Chief of Staff, Capt. Rembrant Robinson would come to Sangley and take over my office.  He later made Rear Admiral, and was the only Navy Flag Officer killed in Vietnam.   Love to get in touch with anyone from those days. Looking for Lt. Al Durazo from somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico.  Did LCDR Borst ever make CDR.?  He had counted on us to do it for him.   Brought an 11 year old Chevy over with me from US, sold it for $4000 when rotated.  Lived off base for half of tour, had to boil drinking water and soak veggies bought locally in a mild Clorox solution.    Son born at Sangley hospital, Loved the Philippines. Great duty at Sangley, love to see the place now.

Posted 2-22-04
Wayne Wernet, 1951

My step-father, Wayne Wernet, was stationed at the Sangley Naval Station during the Korean War in 1951.  He tells a story of being taken in a taxi cab with another service man to eat dinner at the Manila Hotel.  The taxi driver deliberately drove him and the other service man to a camp of Hucks.  They were able to escape, and to this day, he wonders what ever happened to the other service man.  He doesn't even know his name.  Just that is was a miracle that they both escaped the camp with their lives, thanks to a gentleman in a white suit.  Thanks.... Sally Jo Burns

Posted 2-22-04
Bill Langland, 1953 - 1955

I was in VW-1 Det , VW-3 Det and then VQ-1 at Sangley from about May 1953 until we moved to Iwakuni Japan in 1955.

Posted 8-23-04
Dick Kelley CT(M)2 Mid 55 - Mid 57

Shipmatess: Thanks for all of the replies sent to me.  It is wonderful to hear from so many that served in the PI. Please note my new email address above. Hoping to hear from others.

Posted 8-23-04
Steve McCrary, 1967 - 1969

I appreciate this opportunity to share some memories. I was an ABHAN--later ABH3 while at Sangley.I was there from Oct 67 till May 69. I was in Internal Security Force, and drove a gray--not my choice of colors--1/2 ton Chevy pickup with a cage on the back. Didn't have to use the cage much---but did transfer a few from EM Club (mostly) to the Brig. We lived in a tropical barracks--new I think--no windows, just screens with overhangs--shared it with the Marines and Crash Crew. I hung out mostly at a little bar not far outside the main gate on the left----Alibi Bar---owned and operated by a great guy--retired USCG--name was Foster---never knew his first name. He also owned the Jamaica further down the street. Some of the guys I "ran" with were Melvin Davis, Tom Miller, Henry Aden, Henry Jackson, John Beyer, Walt Kalbus. Distinctly remember the Typhoon and Earthquake---not in that order. Great duty--looking back, the best of my 4 years. Love to hear from anyone from this time frame, unless I hauled you to the brig!!

Posted 8-23-04
Ed Moratto SN, 1950 - 1952

Was stationed at SANGLEY point  from1950 to 1952. Would like to hear from some on that was there at that time.  I was in the fire dept. for a  while and was tranfered to boat opt.  I was on the YTB [tug] for a bout a year had a great time.

Posted 8-29-04
Harold Slagle, 1966 - 1967

I was stationed at Sangley Point during the years 1966-67.  I worked at the Personnel Office in the Admin Building.  I would be interested in hearing from any shipmates who were there during those years.

Posted 9-6-04
Jon Jorgensen, YN3/YN2, 1965 - 1968 or

Attached to COMNAVPHIL Legal office 1965-1968.  Wife worked in Post Office (Lana).  Interesting tour – didn’t much like the area while there, but duty was great.  Remember the Lido Bar outside the main gate was a good after work gathering place.  Loved to ride our motorbikes around the countryside and swim at the local beaches.  Manila was always a hoot – got sick many times from eating “interesting” food.  Lived off base whole tour, but enjoyed many activities on base – USO shows, Club Orient social scene, and, of course, bowling in the 8-lane alley across from the theater.  Best friends were Jerry and Mary Manion – he was a radar tech attached to Sangley.  They lived in a Quonset hut next to the runway.  I have many stories about duty in the PI and would like to hear from any other person wanting to share.  I’m now retired in Norfolk, VA at the following email addresses above. Thanks for reading.

Posted 9-6-04
Cpl L. D. Gray, USMC, 1969 - 1970

Stationed at Marine Barracks, Sangley Point in 1969 -70.  Had lots of fun and made many memories.    The CO was LtCol William W Massey.   Would love to share memories of the PI with any Jarhead stationed there during that time period. 

Posted 9-6-04
Richard "Bucky" Brown, PR2, AMD, Dec, 1969 - May, 1971

Parachute Loft. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there, especially in the Parachute Loft.

Posted 9-6-04
Alden Tuff, SN, Personnel Office, 1962 - 1964

I worked in the Personnel Office PNC Hill, Mike Walsh, Jerry Jester, Merino, Call just to name a few.  I lived in the Quonset huts and our house boy was named Orie a super guy.  Sangley was the best duty I had in the Navy. Would love to hear from anyone.

Posted 9-6-04
Edward Moratto, SN, 1950 - 1952

I was in the fire Dept. 50 to 51and was transfered to boat Opts. I was on a YTB  (tug boat). Saw them build the air strip   Seen lot of good times got a lot of Memories. I would like to hear from someone at about that time. Thanks.

Posted 2-4-05
W.E. Goodwin, 1963 - 1964

Service Craft in Subic on the YOG-61 that used to go to Sangley Pt. with afgas every once in a while in 1963-64. I used to have some good times in Cavite when we were there for the short time we were dumping gas and then a day on the town and back to Subic.

Posted 2-4-05
James L Stringfellow, BM3/BMC RET, 1962

I was in Boat Ops from DEC 62 to OCT 62. I ran the GIG CHARLEY 4 the YTB CRANE AVR 54 and just about any boat that was there at the time I was there.

Posted 2-4-05
Charles Fischer, 1952 - 1954

I was stationed with the USCG air detachment as a Lt.(jg) at Sangley Pt. from 12-28-52 to 5-1-54. Would like to hear from any of the five survivors of a Navy PBM crash 60 miles off the coast of Luzon on 7-29 or 7-30-53. 

Posted 2-4-05
John Ciccarone, TE2, 1955 - 1957

I guess I'm the old man of this site. I was stationed at USNS Sangley Point (Navcommfacphil) during 55-57. That was when Dien Bien Phu was going down the tubes. I worked in the crypto room next door to the CT's. I was transferred from the USS Oriskany to the Philippines and chose that over Kodiak. What a wise choice. One thing that I always remember was the "buns and beans run" into Cavite during the mid watch.We lived in quonset huts at the end of the air strip--right at the edge of the ammunition bunkers. I remember one time one of the Martin Mariners (PBM) crashed into the ammunition bunkers and we all ran like hell in our skivvies out of the area. Anyone remembers that far back???

Posted 2-4-05
Robert A. Beck ADR USN, 1967 - 1968

I was stationed at Sangley Point PI 1967 until 1968.While at Sangley Point I worked on an aircraft known As “Leakin Lena” a C-54 that had so many oil leaks the oil would run down the nacelles onto the wings and off the plane during take-off. The plane had a plate in the cockpit that indicated it had served in the Berlin airlift, And had a purple heart painted on its side. Along with the C-54, I worked on the C-45, C-117, C-47, and the H-34. Is there anyone else out there who was at Sangley Point PI elev. 8 ft. during that period? Remember the earth quake that Hit Manila and the collapse Ruby Towers?

Posted 2-4-05
Maria Copeland,

HI! Hope whoever is in charge of the the PI page gets this. I and my family were stationed in the Philippines when my dad was assigned there as the CO of the coast Guard bases during the late 60's until when Sangley closed in the 70's. What a great place for all of us to have experienced! We lost our dad (Capt. Shirl J. Stephany, USCG) 2 years ago. It's neat that someone is even doing this, So many great memories!

Posted 2-4-05
Ray Elliott, 1959 - 1960

Would like to hear from people stationed at Marine Barracks during '59-'60, particularly those who worked in the bring with me: Kelly, Greene, Sibcy, Norton, Bobbitt, Gorman, Liindeman, Alston, Grffin, Bucher, Ferraro, Verzilli or anyone else who was there or drank San Miguel at the Lighthouse.

Posted 2-13-05
Steve Wolff, AE-3, w/VP-17, NAS Sangley Point 1970 - 1971

I believe we were the last VP squadron deployed to Sangley Point before the base closing.  Gotta be the best duty there was, in the WestPac!  Didn't get much time to sight see but did make it to Manila, Corrigador, and Baguio.  Just visiting the web sight brings back many fond memories, mainly of Cecilia Jurado, whom I had lived with while deployed at Sangley Point.  I have been trying to contact Cecilia, through the years, but have not had any success.  She worked out of the Crown Z bar and may have given birth to a girl, fathered by me.  I'd appreciate any information, anyone may have, regarding Cecilia and her daughter or how I may be able to contact them.  Thanks.

Posted 4-13-05
Jim Orr, SN, FASRON 119, 1953 - 1954, (updated 7-25-11)

I signed up for duty on Guam so I could save money and wound up at Sangley Point at the Tank Farm where we provided fuel for the aircraft and motor vehicles in the area, as well as a radio (or radar) station in Bagobontay (?).  I too remember the hot rolls and beans provided by those who were coming back from liberty in Cavite.  Lots of pleasant memories, including the boatride, or Saulog, to Manila.  Also the EM club at Clark AFB.  I remember some faces and some names.  It's been a long time.  ANYWAY;  Hello to Kilpatrick (our feerless leader), Funk, Zimmerman, Sol, Art Doan and Bill Cunningham.  I'll try to catch you in the here-after. 

Posted 4-13-05
Tom Dunn ADJC USN Ret. 1961 - 1963

I was with VP-40 from early 1961 to about mid 1963. Ran the APU shop for a while and then PC in crew-5 and crew-10. A nice experience and of course the Filipino people will always be dear to my heart.  Adalines, right outside the gate, had beer that was ice cold and the Sea Island had great food.  lots of hours at work with a squadron that had much pride. 

Posted 6-27-05
Donnie Crawford, 1962 - 1964

I was stationed at Sangley Point 62 - 64. I started out in the information - education office (about 3 months) and was sent to the MP/Shore Patrol Div after that. I was also on the Navy Pistol/Rifle Team and we won the ComNavPhil Championship that year. SgtMaj Samson was in charge of the team. Had the chance to go back twice while riding the CVS-33 Kearsarge in fall of 64. Would like to hear from guys that were stationed there. Jeff Funk was PN1 in I.E office. Anyone been in touch with him? Please let me know.

Posted 6-27-05
Phil Harris, YN3, 1956 - 1958  

I was attached to NAS Sangley Point Admin from early 1956 to spring of 1958, working in both the legal office and the I&E office.  Some of my friends there were Jim Dyson, Ronald Rock, Johnny Johnston, Jack (Red) Graham, & Dusty Rhoades.  'Would love to hear from anyone from that era.

Posted 6-27-05
CR. FITZPATRICK (Fitz), 1961 - 1963

I'm CR. Fitzpatrick. At the that time, I was just Fitz. I was assigned to Boat Ops on the Crash Boats AVR 54. I was a Seaman working with a Filipino named Garciea. He was off and a typhoon headed that way. I was it as far as getting the boat across the bay to Manila and the Phil. Navy. That was the high point for the 20 years I put in. Would be nice to talk to some one of that ear.

Posted 8-29-05
David D. Medley, 1960 - 1962

My name is David D. Medley, Airman, VP-40 from Sept. 60 - Apr 62.  Was an Aviation Storekeeper Striker, worked in the Material Office for AKI Andy ___? and Ltjg William L. Locke (died in 1962 crash with then XO).  AK1 Andy___? married Cora (Cora's Upscope) and they started the Bar together. Used to frequent Cora's Upscope and Marie Tess' just outside the Maingate.  Out of the 26 bars in Cavite I probably had barbills in 23 of them.  PN2 Ray Bowman was one of the people I worked with during that period. There are scores more I can visulize, but the memory won't accommodate me with names.

Posted 8-29-05
Frank Mercer (son of), 1950 - 1952

Son of Chief Radioman Frank Mercer who was with a PBM squadron (VP-40) 1950-52   I was only four years old when we were there.  My mother's name was Gertrude and I had two older sisters, Suzanne and Dianne, around 9 and 11 years old at the time.  My friends name was Mike Mahoney whose dad had a jeep with a siren on it.  I think he was the fire chief.  I particularly remember a typhoon (tornado actually) that damaged our quonset which was next to the Officers Club and also took the roof off the base theater.  Anybody out there that knew our family?  I recently found some 8mm films that my father left me.  I will be converting them to DVD soon and may have some decent footage of Sangley Point circa 1950.   Best Regards to All, Roger Mercer

Posted 9-18-05
(Son of) CDR Paul W. Hopkins, ComNavPhil Ops, 60-62 (updated 10-02-12)

I think dad was in operations at Sangley. I was 13 when we arrived there and more self-engrossed than in his duties.  I have fond memories of the Geedunk, the cattle-car "bus", the O-pool, venturing off base to have rings made and the boat trips across the bay to go to Manila.   Dad retired from the Navy in '62 and got a job with Lykes Lines in Manila, where we lived for another 2 years.  He died in November, 2003 in New Orleans (the city that itself died in hurricane Katrina....).  Bruce Hopkins

Posted 4-09-07
Donald McCormick, RMC (Ret), NCS Sangley 1966-1968

I worked at the Commcen as a final traffic checker working for RMC Vaughan. Keep trying but can not find him. I remember the good times at the club on “Steak Night”, Bowling and watching the baseball for things to pass the time. The short little golf hole we had was where I learned how to play golf. Played once at Ft Buchanan until the caddies were rolling on the ground watching me try to hit the ball. Remember Bob Ragland well. He used to win mine and Maries pennies on those nights we played Yahtzee because there was nothing else to do. Remember Tom Alessi and Jerry Ford well but getting too old to remember anything else. Retired from the Navy as RMC on June 30, 1980. Worked for AT&T until June of 2005. Now spend time doing the honeydo’s I never could get done before.

Posted 4-09-07
Larry McCullough,  GMG/SN,  Internal Security, Jan.1970- July 1971

Worked in the Security force With GMG1 Jimmy Austin, Bill Fowler, Rick Sharp,And Jim Murphy.  Now living in Chesapeake, Va

Posted 4-09-07
Tommy R. Trampp, SK/3, 1957 - 1961

Was on the U.S.S. Taluga AO-62. We visited Sangley quit a few times. Put down a few drinks at the Enlisted Men's Club. Good times.

Posted 4-09-07
Gary A. Williams, AC2, 1966-1968

Worked in the air traffic control tower   Had a great time at Sangley.  Played a lot of softball and golf there, learned to fly at the base flying club and flew all over the PI.  I remember very well the two typhoons and the big earthquake.  I also remember being in a movie they made in Manila called "Manila the Open City" it was a lot of fun and the locals thought we were all movie stars.  We lived in the quonset hut across from the torpedo mens hut until the new barracks were built.  I hope to hear from some of the guys.  The ones I remember off the top of my head are  Wiley, Farmer, Elliott (Twiggy),  Hintz, Blackman, Ashline, Hatley (from the crash crew).   Does anyone remember "Mumbles"?     

Posted 4-09-07
Maurice J. Nelson, "David Block", February 1968 to August 1969

We were at Sangley from February 1968 to August 1969.  My step-father, Maurice J. Nelson, was one of the two Assistant Fire Chiefs on the base.  Being civilian dependants, our family lived in Cavite City, a few blocks out the main gate, in a complex were all of the residents were American and associated with the base.  The complex was next to the Saulog bus 'terminal'.  I had it interesting in that my father was US Navy, and I had both officer's privileges from my step-father, and CPO privileges from my father; two ID cards I think was illegal.  Some of the things that I remember are attending JPJ for a year-and-a-half; getting a ticket one afternoon on Sangley Avenue, near the new BOQ, for going 15 mph in a school zone; numerous hours hanging around the teen club playing pool and pinball machines; the teen club snack bar's Philippine female employee named Goatie and the food she prepared; teen club activities, such as a trip around Manila Bay on a summer night on the Charlie 4 with cases of soft drink and a local band providing the music; dances at the teen club; and teen club trips to Corregidor; a Boy Scout camp out on Bataan, on the property of an oil refinery; the formal dance the teen-agers held in the Base exchange cafeteria in December 1968; a man, who I believe was with Naval Intelligence, named Richard Thurber-among other things we called him 'Slippery Dick' (reminiscent of Dick Tracy); typhoons; riding a Honda 65 cc motorcycle around base; attending Boy Scout summer camp at the San Miguel Naval Communications center; a teen club trip to Subic, where a number of us went horse-back riding (near the Subic golf course); attending a High School music festival at Clark AFB that was several days long where we stayed with families on Clark; taking to trips to John Hay AFB in Bagio City; riding the Alpha-Bravo flight to go to the hospital at Clark to get a physical so that I could go to Scout summer camp; riding the launches (both the officer's and enlisted man's) from Sangley to the US Embassy in Manila; the base fire boats; attending the Philippine premiere of Franco Zeffirelli's movie-Romeo & Juliet-in Manila and missing the last launch of the night back to the base, which meant riding a local bus back to Cavite City; going to the University of Santo Thomas in Manila, the site where hundreds of allied civilians were interred by the Japanese during WW II; going to Matabunki Beach on a teen club trip-the beach was sooo white; another teen club trip to Pagsanian Falls; the P-2 & P-3 sub chaser squadrons that were at the base; being there when General William Westmoreland made a trip to Sangley; the Coast Guard detachment (one of my friend's father (last name Tidings) flew one of the Coast Guard seaplanes and landed in Taal Lake to drop off Mickey Rooney  in the opening scenes of the movie "Ambush Bay"); and hundreds and hundreds of other memories.   Life was such an experience in the PI in those days for a 15-17 year old.  I hope that I will always be able to remember them and the impact they had in my life and those who were around me.

Posted 4-09-07
Jim Croft, 1967 - 1969

Stumbled across this message board while looking up info on the earthquake that collapsed Ruby Towers, My dad was stationed there from around 67-69. We lived near the ferry boat landing near the flag grounds at Comnavphil. My dad's name was Cdr. Alfred j. Croft. I attended John Paul Jones School from 5th to 7th grade. Best damn place I ever lived. I was pretty much in trouble around there. Spend half my time grounded doing hard time in my bedroom after school for getting in trouble. I used to sneak off base and sneak in fireworks that I sold for a tidy profit to other kids. I did a lot of snorkling and spearfishing. I particularly enjoyed trips to Corregidor on the RR boat. I see there are a lot of communication folks on this message board. Well, I was the kid that knocked down that huge telescoping antenna at the MARS station, playing around with the winch. I got grounded for that for about three months and missed my date at the Sadie Hawkins dance the night that happened. Aside from shady deals exchanging US currency for pesos on the black market, I guess I wasn't all that bad. I hated to leave that paradise. I will always miss our Philipino gardner Enrique Bustillo and maid Consuello Fas. Very wonderful people. My father passed away about 6 years ago and his ashes scattered at sea by the navy. He had lived in the islands as a kid and his family were captured by the Japanese during WW2 and spent time at Santa Thomas and Los Banos POW camps until rescued. Reading these messages brought back a lot of memories. Would like to hear from anybody who remembers us.

Posted 4-09-07
Larry Hamilton, Boat ops Division, NO TIME PERIOD GIVEN or

When I  first arrived  I  was  working  at  Fasron ( fleet air support squadron )  then  I  transfered to VP-40 and  worked on the sea plane ramp,  soon after that I  worked in the  billeting office the  BOQ.  After that,  they  sent me  all the  way  to the  end,  and  I  worked  at  Boat  Ops,  hard  dirty work  but  I  liked  it  better than all the  rest. A group of us guys from boat ops  are  having  a reunion  in  Branson  MO. on the  20th of April thru  23 April  at  the  Quality  Inn  and  Suits  on  the  Shepard Hills Expressway. If  you are  interested  in  joining  us  just  make contact.

Posted 4-09-07
Robert (Bob) Harvey, PH3, 1957 - 1960

Attached to VP-40. I made two transpacs from North Island, San Diego, to Sangley Point. During my first tour at Sangley I applied for an announcing position at Armed Forces Radio Station KTLG. After checking me out on the air, Chief Lauter said he could use me, but as I was a Squadron member, the only way He could get me transferred to the Radio station would be for me to request mess cooking so I'd be technically attached to the Air Station. I went mess cooking and Chief Lauter got me switched to the radio station. It was a great job.  While at KTLG, I met Virginia Berryhill, Chief Berryhill's wife. She had a cooking show everyday. We became friends and when she found out that I had a ventrilloquist act, she suggested that I join her and her friends who were putting on a talent show. That talent show led to my performing my ventrilloquist act at the Sangley E.M. club and the "O" club on numerous occasions.  One night at the Officer's Club I put on my show and afterward I was invited to come to the Commanding Officer's table. It's been so many years I've forgotten his name. I think it was Captain McCallister. Anyway, the Skipper introduced me to his guest, Ricardo Taylor, who owned an advertising company in Manila. Dick Taylor had a client, Panda Corn syrup who wanted to find a ventrilloquist for a local Children's TV show on DZAQ TV. It took a lot of finagling and several months, during which my home congressman got involved and the CO requested permission from COMAIRPAC. To make a long story short. I was given permission to have a civilian job, namely performing a weekly TV show called Panda Time. I was given open gangway liberty and I was being paid 500 pesos a week and suddenly I was a big fish in a very small pond and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven on the heavenly express. Actually it was just a wooden bench on the greuling bus trip from Cavite to Manila several times a week for rehearsals and then on Friday, I'd make the trip to put on the show. The memories I have of my time working at radio station KTLG and my time doing the TV show are now 50 year old memories that don't seem real. The photos I have are the only evidence that it really happened.  We'll call that the end of Chapter 1 of my Sangley Point adventures. There are lots more, which included forming a music group, recording a record in Manila, doing lots more variety shows with the Sangley Variety Players - and not to mention having an affair with Chief Berryhill's wife, which almost got me in deep trouble. But there were adventures that even got me in hotter water than that.  Now I'll call it a day and write more later. At 71 years of age, I'm still into the show business thing. I have a band called "Georgia Blue" and we have a show tomorrow night and I have to get some sleep. At my age, I don't have the stamina I had when I was riding that bone shattering bus to Manila three days a week.

Posted 4-09-07
David Higgs, 1969

I was with VP-45 at NAS Sangley Point in the fall of 1969.  Lots of great times at the 3 Roses Bar and many others.  It was very sad when "Baby" was killed at the 3 Roses Bar.  My best friend Dan was living with her at the time and I had to tell him she was dead after a 12+ hour flight.  Bummer.   Anyway, loved the PI.  Would love to go back someday.  The best nurses in the world are from the PI.

Posted 4-09-07
Pat Martin, 1967 - 1968

My name is Pat Martin. I was stationed at the communications center from 2/67 to 8/68. I was an ETR3 when I left there. The people I worked with (partied) were Larry Mitchell, Ron Podschelne,  John Lacy, Ed Koops(charlie), Claude Patterson, Bill Ouimette. It was a great duty station . I left the navy after my 4yrs were up, went to college and got a EE degree. I will have been married 34 years this august and have 2 kids. Nice to see a site like this. If anybody remembers me out there, feel free to contact me. We can talk over old times.

Posted 4-09-07
Ed Moran AG3, 1962 - 1963

My Name is Ed Moran AG3 I was stationed at Sangley Pt 62 - 63 attached to the Fleet Weather Facility. Hated it at the time but came to realize shortly after leaving that it was one of the best times of my life. Guys that I worked with , Bob WhiteHouse, Roger Culbreath, Warren Hadley who I once saw on TV as a Oklahoma Weather Bureau Chief covering some serious Tornados that took there toll on Oklahoma, Kenny Hess, Jimmy Berger and Good Ol' boy Clarence Wesley Cunningham and a lot of others whose names I will think of as soon as I'm done. Spent most of my off base time at Sonny's or the Silver Dollar right near the main gate. Like almost everyone who posted here I also stopped at Adeline's for the bag of rolls with spam and cheese for the walk back to the Quonset huts. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember me from then. I wonder what happened to all those wicker baskets that used to hang on the walls of all the bars with your Div. insignia and names of guys. Great job to whoever put in the work to get this sight up and running. 

Posted 4-09-07
William V. Griffith, Mar l95l - Oct l953

My name is William V. Griffith, YNC, USN, RET.I was stationed at Sangley Pt.  from 7 March l95l until Oct l953.  I worked in the personnel office in the Ad. building for all of my time there.  This was my indoctrination tour, but I have never forgotten the good times and good people that I served with there.  My moniker was "Griff".  Would very much like to hear from any of my old shipmates or anyone that remembers me in the P.I.

Posted 4-09-07
John Carpenter

It does not have much to do with the military personnel serving at Sangley but the John Paul Jones High School has an active Alumni Association.

Posted 4-09-07
Gad (Jerry) Hitchcock, PM2, Retired E-7, 1966 - 1967
(not to be mistaken for BM)  

Worked in the diving locker and craft master of AVR-54.     Would like to get in touch with some of the guys I worked with and also partied hard.     Who remembers In-die (spelled phonically) and has a picture of her?      Who remembers Captain Thompson shooting himself in the head and then hid the gun so well it could not be found ? Then he returned to bed to bleed to death.     Who remembers the ferry boat going down the day President Johnson visited Manila?     Who remembers the survivors of the Bataan Death March coming to Manila for the 25th (20ieth?)  anniversary and could not eat in the restaurant at the American Embassy? Nor shop in our exchange?     Who remembers the bread from town having clumps of flour in it and the whole middle of the slice of bread would fall apart? Who remembers the smells  of outdoor cooking.. of the city after a rain fall... and the rain.. and the beautiful country... the man who rode a bicycle with a huge basket holding light bulbs and his job was to change the burned out lights on the base? I had iced tea with him every time he came by our house. I could never pronounce name or understand all his English.. but we were friends.     Let me hear from you.    (My wife writes and reads my emails so this is really from her)

Posted 4-09-07
Dave Becker - Dependent, 1967 - 1971

Although we lived in Manila, I attended school at Sangley Point.  Many hours spent on the USAF School Bus.  If you missed the bus you caught a taxi down to the US Embassy for the launch ride over to Sangley.  Worked part-time at the AFRTS Radio Station (AFPN) spinning records all night on weekends.  Wonderful CPO by the name of Perry Brandt ran the radio station. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a bit about broadcasting and the technical side. My social life was split between Manila and Sangley - friends on both sides.  It was a wonderful experience with a few close calls!  During a business trip through the Pacific region 2 years ago I managed to make a return trip to Manila for a weekend.  Unfortunately could not manage a return visit to Sangley although I did have an excellent aerial view on approach to Manila AP. My e-mail address appears above. Please put Sangley Pt. in Subject Line. Best regards

Posted 4-09-07
Bill Mueller, PH3, 1967 - 1968

Made two deployments with VP-42 67-68. Would like to hear from anyone from my squadron.

Posted 4-09-07
Bob Hoff, VR-23 Radar tech, 1952 - 1954

(Ruptured Duck Airline) Crew member on the R4D6 and the R4D8. First skipper was CDR. Knobby Knoblough followed by Cdr. Schneider. I remember quite a few names and faces and have lots of San Miguel/other memories. Spent my 21st, 22nd and 23rd birthdays at Sangley and have many fond memories. Now semi retired in NE Texas and accidently came across Sangley Point advert then your collection. My compliments, Bob

Posted 4-09-07
John Carpenter, Dependent, NO TIME PERIOD GIVEN

John Paul Jones High School has an active Alumni Association.  We can be reached at or by e-mail to me,  We have a good list of dependents who attended JPJ and some information on their parents.   

Posted 4-09-07
Barry Atkinso,LCPL,USMC, 1971

I served during the closing of Sangley Point, assigned as a guard.  I was from Co C BLT 1/4 3dMarDiv Okinawa, we were told we were no longer going to Vietnam but would stay on Okinawa, they asked for volunteers for special TAD, a few us were so happy about not going we volunteered and ended up as Detached Guard to Sangley Point, first and last time I ever volunteered for anything in the Corps.  I was there from July 5, 1971 to about Aug 26, 1971, best duty I ever had, loved living in the old officer's housing, used to call college's in Manila and talk to the girls there, even had some come over to see us.   I'll never forget the bank robbery on base before we closed and the threats we got from a gang in Manila.  I will have to dig out the old pictures and upload them to the site.  

Posted 4-09-07
Roger W. Davidson, USN, AD-R3, April 1, 1958 to July 31, 1960

Plane captian on HUK-1 at Air-Ops. I first thought that the biggest April Fools joke had been pulled on me when they off loaded me at Sangley Point, but then as I stayed a little longer I adapted to the heat and humidity.  There are lots of memories from that period of my life. After AD-R training, 961 was my only duty station.  I had enlisted on the "Kiddie Cruse" program and had a month early out. I'd like to hear from anyone out there that was in Air-Ops at that time.

Posted 4-09-07
Steve Barnett, LTjg, Aug 1956 - Aug 1958

NAS Sangley Communications (We took over from Navcommfacphil.) Witness to the antics of the Marine Fighter Squadron from Sasebo and their legendary Colonel, as well as the Carabao dancing at the O'Club...and was Sea Scout Skipper. All who remember... please write.

Posted 4-09-07
Eugene Schenck, 1963 AMS1

My name is Eugene Schenck, AMS1, I visited VP-40 in 1963 to check the Corrision Control Problems on the P-5M.   I was stationed in  Kobe, Japan at Shin Meiwa Aircraft Company where the Navy was overhauling the P-5M.   Tommy Thompson the Martin Aircraft Rep brought me to Sangley Navy Station.   Does anyone know what happened to Tommy Thompson? I retired from the Navy in 1974 and worked for Boeing Aircraft Company for 21 years.   When Shin Meiwa Aircraft Company started doing some production work for Boeing on the Boeing 767, I was sent back there to help start the production work.  So Shin Mewia has a special place in my heart. Would love hearing from some VP-40 Shipmates.  Eugene Schenck, Wichita, Kansas USA

Posted 4-09-07
Robert D. Hepburn, Sgt of Marines, I955-1959
Aerial Photography Tech. 4611

VMJ1 used the Sangley Point runway for aerial recon. support for  war games a couple of times in ’57 & ’58.  We had the “Banshees”, single-place, twin J-57’s.  Anyone out there? Semper Fidelis

Posted 4-09-07
Steve Wolff  AE-3, VP-17 1970-1973

In response to my earlier message with reference to Cecilia Jurado.  I've located her and our daughter, both are in the U.S.!  I want to thank all who contacted me and offered to help find them. Sincerely Steve Wolff

Posted 4-09-07
Arlene Klepatsky

My fiance was born at Sangley Point Navy Base in 1952 while his father was stationed there. His father's name is Kenneth William Bradon, Sr. His son who was born on the base is Kenneth William Bradon, Jr.   We want to go to Mexico for our honeymoon but we need a certified copy of Ken Jr's birth certificate. I have a copy of his naval base birth certificate, but it is the copy of the original and doesn't have the certified copy stamp on it. So the passport office won't take it.   Does anyone have any idea how we would go about getting a birth certificate originally issued at the Sangley Base Naval Station?   Thank you.

Posted 4-09-07
Gad Hitchcock PM2DV/USN, Crash Boats, 1966 - 1967

Would like to find Amos (Andy) Anderson and/or family. Thank you.

Posted 3-15-09
Earl Tietsort, TE(RM)2,  NAVCOMFACPHIL, Aug 1955 - Aug 1957

Entered the crypto center with Dale Owen in Sept.1955 and departed Sangley in Aug. 1957 to MSTSNORPACSUBAREA, Seattle, WA. Some of the names I remember are Bob Reck RM, W L Smith RM, Schwartz RM, Chuck Shoup CT, Bob Rouse RM, Tony Bennett RM, Ens. Luz, Ltjg Mackenzie, LT Nelson.  Capt. RJ Woodaman took command, I believe, in 1956. There was two Samoans on the keys to STASHIPHONGKONG and they were continually getting into trouble using the keys to talk to their relatives there. I recall Joni James and the earthquake, the Asian flu and the corpsmen coming to the huts - sack lunches for the mid watch - G-dunk runs after pay day - hot buns and sausages on the way back from liberty. Also attending a wedding of an RM1 to a Manila socialite at a Catholic Church in Manila.  Chu-Chu's Bar was a favorite hang out in Manila. I played on the FAC softball and basketball teams and was on the staff for the first edition of The South China Sea Sentinal.

Posted 3-15-09
Richard L. Crank, ENCS USN Ret., 1959 - 1961

I was in charge of the staff boat pool for COMNAVFORPHIL during my tour at Sangley. I was accompanied by my family, wife and two children. We lived off base the first six months I was there in a compound designated for American families only. The place was called Certaza Court and was owned by a Doctor Certaza who lived in Manila. The place was managed and maintained by a family of Lup Lup's. That was their last name. The family included Mr. and Mrs. Lup Lup, two grown sons, Dick and Rudy, a daughter-in-law married to Rudy and a grandson Greg belonging to Rudy and his wife. The men in the family took turns guarding the compound night and day to prevent any thievery from the local hoods.   Do any of you with families there remember the game called "Bunco." ?  

Posted 3-15-09
John Clear EMC(SS) USN Ret.

Howdy all! I am the webmaster of the USS Sealion SS-315 website (url attached).  This sub was named after our 1st submarine lost in WWII, the USS Sealion SS-195 which was bombed and sunk at the end of Sangley Point on December 10, 1941.  I am trying to find out further information regarding her disposition after she was raised in 1959.  I have information that she "may have" been taken out to deeper water and sunk.  ANY information that you might have would be GREATLY appreciated - thank you in advance!    USS Sealion website =

Posted 3-15-09
Jerry (Krings) Bush, July 1956 - May 1958

Dad was LCDR. Phillip George "Pappy" Krings - Air Ops SAR   Found this site while trying to find old classmates from school - the American School in Manila.  I was a 15 year old girl out there going to school and enjoying my life in the P.I.  I had so many wonderful experiences and loved my time at Sangley.  If anyone from the "old days" happens to read this, please send me an email - would love to hear from you.  I am in touch with a few of the other gals from that time and we have such a great time when we're together.  Seems like time has stood still when we get together - well, right up to the point of really seeing the difference in how we look today - just a tad older.  Oh well.   Hope to hear from someone sometime.  Enjoy.

Posted 3-15-09
Vince Chesley,  ET3,   May to December 1968

I worked at the CommCen repairing the R-390's. I worked for a great guy an ET2, Kautzer or something like that.  Great boss! And later I was an admin assistant for the Chief.  Chief Priest I think it was.  My duty station was at a  transmitter van, which seemed very cold at the time although it was 70F.  I lived in Cavite in two different houses.  One of my roomates at the first house was Charlie Koops.  Then later I moved to Frank Saragosa's House. Great guys!  Frank's girlfriend, Jose, could have been a movie star I think.  

I was a reserve and got out after only 13 months.  I went back to college and got an ME degree and later a PE.  I've been married for 28 years and have three children and I live in Maine.  I did get a job offer from the CIA when I first got out which was kind of tempting. We had some great adventures in the P.I. :  Pagsanagn Falls,  Fishing off of Corrigedor, Trip to the live Volcano in a rented jeepney, Angeles City, and Olongapo.  I also remember working with "Fat", and Claude Patterson and Bill Ouimette (O-Motto). 

It was fun having Sam Miguels at Lito's.  Coldest beer in town!  Keeping them in the freezer helped. I also remember walking down the street of my first house during rainy season and feeling the fish bump into my legs. 

Posted 3-15-09
John Harper AG3  Fleet Weather Facility, 1967 - 1968

Looking for Pietra Abillegos and Son John John b. 1967-1968 Caviti City, Phillippines.   Thank you for any info.

Posted 3-15-09
Bill Hartley, HM3, 1971 - 1972
Navy Recruiting and Dispensary

I would love to hear from anyone there during this time.

Posted 3-15-09
Joe Gilchrist, SN, February, 1954 - September, 1954
Recruiting Duty, Sangle Pt, P.I

Served on recruiting small team enlisting Filipino's into the Navy. Over 100,000 applicants mostly professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers who would serve a 6 year enlistment then get their discharge in the U.S. along with citizenship. Traveled around the Phillipines to test applicant's since most did not have the monetary resources to come to Manila.  Shot at a number of  times by HUK guerilla's. A wonderful assignment. Fell in love with the Filipino. A great people. Have returned a number of times to visit the factories of my employer. Can't remember names of those I served with except for the Chief.  His  name of Gage and I believe he was from Columbus, Ohio