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Posted 3-15-09
Conrad J Sayson, (Dependent of Retired Army) In Manila, 1970 - 1971

My Father was Retired Cpt Sayson in Manila. I went to school in Sangley while I was home in the Philippines.  I remember a girl there that I met that was about a year older then I was, that was very friendly. She was leaving Sangley Naval Base that very day. Later on after school was out, that was the last year Sangley was open. I joined the Army myself and left for conus. I am retired from the military now and 52 years old. I would appreciate any response to this post. I believe that other students there had fond memories of Sangley as I did. Especially of that LONG Boring bus ride from Manila to Sangley...AAARRRGGG. Man was that boring.

Posted 3-15-09
Richard Johnson, Aerographer's Mate 2nd Class (AG2),
Fleet Weather Facility, March 1966 to October 1967

Responsible for transmitting encrypted weather data to the Naval Fleet in the Pacific and training other AGs to take upper air radiosonde soundings. Once trained, they would then go TAD on ships to the Tonkin Gulf to obtain more accurate upper air weather for Navy pilots flying missions over North Vietnam.  I also spent one 45 day stint on the USS Coontz DLG 9 in the Tonkin Gulf. Be great to hear from fellow AGs, Air Traffic Controllers and Radio Communications Operators, etc. I would also like to help any Filipinos looking for their fathers in the United States.  Given a reasonable amount of information, I have been very successful working with Filipino children of military fathers stationed at Subic Bay when they posted information to the Subic Bay website.

Posted 3-15-09
Mike Sellers, 1967 - 1968

I stationed at Sangley Pt. from Feb 1967 to Aug 1968. I was Seaman in Boat Ops.

Posted 4-5-10
Ed Moratto  SN, 1950 to 1952

Would like to hear from some on that was there at that time.  I was in the fire dept. for a  while and was tranfered to boat opt.  I was on the YTB [tug] for about a year and had a great time.

Posted 4-5-10
Steve McCrary, 67 - 69

I appreciate this opportunity to share some memories. I was an ABHAN--later ABH3 while at Sangley.I was there from Oct 67 till May 69. I was in Internal Security Force, and drove a gray--not my choice of colors--1/2 ton Chevy pickup with a cage on the back. Didn't have to use the cage much---but did transfer a few from EM Club (mostly) to the Brig. We lived in a tropical barracks--new I think--no windows, just screens with overhangs--shared it with the Marines and Crash Crew. I hung out mostly at a little bar not far outside the main gate on the left----Alibi Bar---owned and operated by a great guy--retired USCG--name was Foster---never knew his first name. He also owned the Jamaica further down the street. Some of the guys I "ran" with were Melvin Davis, Tom Miller, Henry Aden, Henry Jackson, John Beyer, Walt Kalbus. Distinctly remember the Typhoon and Earthquake---not in that order. Great duty--looking back, the best of my 4 years. Love to hear from anyone from this time frame, unless I hauled you to the brig!!

Posted 4-5-10
Harold Slagle, 66 - 67

I was stationed at Sangley Point during the years 1966-67.  I worked at the Personnel Office in the Admin Building.  I would be interested in hearing from any shipmates who were there during those years.

Posted 4-5-10
Robert A. Beck, ADR USN, 67 - 68

My name is Robert A. Beck ADR USN I was stationed at Sangley Point PI 1967 until 1968. While at Sangley Point I worked on an aircraft known As “Leakin Lena” a C-54 that had so many oil leaks the oil would run down the nacelles onto the wings and off the plane during take-off. The plane had a plate in the cockpit that indicated it had served in the Berlin airlift, And had a purple hart painted on its side. Along with the C-54, I worked on the C-45, C-117, C-47, and the H-34. Is there anyone else out there who was at Sangley Point PI elev. 8 ft. during that period? Remember the earth quake that Hit Manila and the collapse Ruby Towers?

Posted 4-5-10
Ray Elliott

Would like to hear from people stationed at Marine Barracks during '59-'60, particularly those who worked in the bring with me: Kelly, Greene, Sibcy, Norton, Bobbitt, Gorman, Liindeman, Alston, Grffin, Bucher, Ferraro, Verzilli or anyone else who was there or drank San Miguel at the Lighthouse.

Posted 4-7-10
David D. Medley, Airman, VP-40 from Sept. 60 - Apr 62

Was an Aviation Storekeeper Striker, worked in the Material Office for AKI Andy ___? and Ltjg William L. Locke (died in 1962 crash with then XO).  AK1 Andy___? married Cora (Cora's Upscope) and they started the Bar together. Used to frequent Cora's Upscope and Marie Tess' just outside the Maingate.  Out of the 26 bars in Cavite I probably had barbills in 23 of them.  PN2 Ray Bowman was one of the people I worked with during that period. There are socres more I can visulize, but the memory won't accommodate me with names.

Posted 4-7-10
Myles, 1951 - 1953

I would like to hear from any marine that was at the marine guard detachmen during from 1951-1953

Posted 4-7-10
Kenneth William Bradon

Hello:   My fiance was born at Sangley Point Navy Base in 1952 while his father was stationed there. His father's name is Kenneth William Bradon, Sr. His son who was born on the base is Kenneth William Bradon, Jr.   We want to go to Mexico for our honeymoon but we need a certified copy of Ken Jr's birth certificate. I have a copy of his naval base birth certificate, but it is the copy of the original and doesn't have the certified copy stamp on it. So the passport office won't take it.   Does anyone have any idea how we would go about getting a birth certificate originally issued at the Sangley Base Naval Station?   Thank you.   Sincerely,   Arlene Klepatsky

Posted 4-8-10
Ray Thronesbery, 1967 - 1968

I was at Sangley in 67 & 68 rotating between Sangley & Whidby Island. I was an aviation ordenanceman on the old P2.  We would rotate with VP42 if my memory is right. I was with VP1. I can't remember many names but if anyone remembers me I would be glad to hear from you.

Posted 4-8-10
(Daughter of) J.W. McDaniel, 1957-1960
Navy Electrician’s Mate

J.W was my father and I was born in Sangley Point in March 1957 we lived in Cavite City, Would like to know if anyone remembers my father or perhaps worked with him during this time period. Susan Young.

Posted 4-8-10
Joanne Picard - Manabat

My name is Joanne Picard - Manabat, married, 52 years old and I am from the Philippines. I am the granddaughter of Mr. Francis Picard, a US Citizen and Josefa Jacinto, a Filipino Citizen from Cavite City, Philippines. I have been trying to locate the wedding document of my grandparents which happened sometime between 1915 to 1920 as this is the only missing document required by the US Department of State for my being a US Citizen as transferred by my grandfather to my father and by my father to me as long as my father was born in wedlock. I was able to secure a copy of the 14th Census of the United States: 1920-Population on the U.S. Naval Station at Sangley Point, Cavite City, Philippine Islands and the name of my grandparents as husband and wife were included in said Census. I have already requested for a copy of their marriage certificate from our various local registries and from our National Archive's Office but to no avail either because records were destroyed by fire or flood. I am also trying to search on-line on how to get information if marriages were solemnized inside the Sangley Point Naval Base and if yes, which Archives Office is keeping the records.   I know this is not the right avenue for my concern but this is the only website that I found where I can post a message.   Thank you. I hope you can help me with any information on how to go about getting a marriage contract or certificate originally issued at the Sangley Base Naval Station as this will facilitate the processing of my US Passport.

Posted 4-8-10
(Daughter of) Jack W. Boyd, US Navy, Retired Officer
Sangley, Philippines DDT JEEPS 1948 - 1957 (updated 2-20-11)

Hello, My name is Sarah Schwartz and I need your help. I'm trying to get VA disability for my father, retired US Navy officer, Jack W. Boyd. He is in his late 70's now and has severe parkinsons disease. Back in the 1948-1957, he was stationed at Sangley Naval Station in the Phillipines and he was sprayed with DDT on a daily basis via the "DDT Jeeps". We believe the continuous DDT environment was the contributor to this unfortunate turn of events. The VA will not provide him with any benefits until he has written letters (emails are acceptable) from others being sprayed at the same location/timeframe of 1948-1957 We just need a couple of other vets who were also around when the jeeps came every morning. I've seen a couple people mention this on the message board and I'd like to try to get in contact with them.

Posted 4-8-10
Timothy M. Grace RM-3/2 (ATC Ret), Oct 1967-Jan 1970
Comnavphil Staff / Fleet Weather Facility

Would like to hear from former shipmates at CNP or FWF. Retired June 1991 from NAMTG Det 1036 NASNI, San Diego, CA. Charlie Rinesmith-You still kickin' ?

Posted 4-9-10
Roger Frey, EN3, June 1967 - October 1968

Snipe and line handler on the for ”Boat Ops”. I’m from Wisconsin and just found out about this site through Bob Choban (Minn) and Bob Selch (Wisc)

Posted 4-9-10
Jerry Howell, ADJ-AN FASRON 119, 1958-1959

1-Mechanic, 2-Leading Chief's Clerk, 3-Squadron Tool Crib

Posted 4-9-10
Rich Brown, AE-3, 1969-1970
Air Ops/OMD

Hi. I was at Sangley/OMD Avionics from 1/69 to 7/70. We worked long hours on a lot of old aircraft. I crewed our C-54’s (56487, 56493, & 90387) as Second Radio. I was also a Plane Captain on our H-34 and the C-1A we had for awhile. The guys in our shop were,  Steve Nussbaum,  Don Shinn, Joel Murtinger (our leading PO), Stan Cogley, Ken Borer, and Gary Spiece, among others. We supported the  P-2 and P-3 squadrons that were there, and flew in-country a lot. Remember Chief Grundemeyer, our Leading Chief? I remember VP-2 leaving with the last of their P-2’s in ’69,  and VAH-21 with their attack P-2’s. Life (and  liberty) for a single, 21 year old kid (me) was great! The San Miguel was cold, and the girls were friendly! The day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon (the Neal Armstrong speech….) a bunch of us watched the coverage on a TV in our line shack. Who else remembers? I can truly say that was the best time of my life! Oh yeah, I remember “Mumbles”, too!   If anyone from that era is out there, send me a note.

Posted 4-9-10
Floyd (Bob) Orsini

My name is Floyd (Bob) Orsini. I use to fly into Sangley Pt. from time when I was with VW-1 while flying weather when I was stationed at Agana Guam.  I was a flight mechanic on a Willy Victor, TE-7.  We would also stop in Sangley Pt. while on our way to Chu Lai then stop in again on our way back to Guam.  We would always hit Marie Tees to and from deployments. The one thing I remember most about the runway is that we would use up every inch and almost every takeoff was a nail biter.  After I left VW-1 I went to VP-1 and picked them up at Sangley. It was like coming home. Had lots of good times there. The putt putt golf course was lots of fun.  There was always something going on at that place. Never a dull moment.  Lots of good memories.

Posted 4-9-10
Brooke McKusick, PH2(AC), November 1963 - March 1965
Photo Lab at the Air Ops Building

One picture I took at the Sangley Point Hospital was submitted to Life Magazine. I golfed in Manila; drank and ran wild in Cavite City. Shipmates included: Richard Searle, Lon Slaughter, Rob Easterling, Chief Smith, Chris Valasquez, John Pfingston (the T-Bird sailor), and many other photograpers from the VP Squadrons. Jim Dupont, Billy Williams (softball catcher) and others in the Air-Ops building were friends. The guys in our hut all had a small motorcycles, most of us got creamed at one time or another.

Posted 4-9-10
Jim Harper, E-3, USNS Crash Crew, 1965-1967

I just found this site. Sure brings back memories. Had a lot of fun there. Would like to travel back in time and enjoy more of it. I miss everything about the place. The weather, quanset huts, the town, San Miguel, and the girls that served it to us. I just read a posting and he mentioned the smell of town after a rain, I could almost smell it. A lot of wonderful memories. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to experience that wonderful little piece of heaven. 

Posted 4-9-10
Don Hoover, 1952 - 1954

I served at NS Sangley Point Air Operations from March 1952 to March 1954. I was an ADAA and worked in the line crew . Made ADAN and assigned as plane Captain on The SNB-5, Made AD3 and assigned flight Mech on the PBY-6A and then 2nd Mech on the PBM-5A. Flew many flights from Sangley to Clark AFB and Subic Bay before the airstrip was completed. We landed in the bay and transferred mail and passengers into small boats. I made a few Buaigio flights to Camp John Hay and one trip to the Leper Colony at Palawan. We also made a couple of flights to Hong Kong. I remember Bill's White Hat, People's Bar, Anchor Inn, Mom's Place and the Check Point.  Great tour.

Posted 4-9-10
Jim Barlettano, ADR 3, July 68 - Janurary 69

Aircraft Mechanic, and Plane Captian  

Posted 4-10-10
Louis Hinojosa, PHCS USN,   July 1969- June 1971
Senior Chief Photographers Mate USNS Sangley Point

What a great place to have overseas shore duty!  My wife and I and our children had a wonderful two years stationed at Sangley Point with a lot of great memories to take back to CONUS.  It was a welcomed change to the years spent aboard Air Craft Carriers.  It was sad to see the Naval Station leave the hands of the US Navy but there were many good times to be had between 1898 and 1971 when the US had the use of Sangley, I'm glad to say that I was part of it. Time and time again I meet people who can relate to Cavite City and Sangley and we share a common bond.

Posted 4-10-10
Rick Smalley ( Richard D. Smalley ) PC3, 1970 - 1971

Was stationed at Sangley from Jan. 1970 thru May 1971. I worked at the base Post Office. Some of the other postal clerks were Charlie Ramsey, Rich Gilbert, and Terry Gillespie. We hung out at Rira's Cantina and Lido's Bar mostly. Are there any Sangley Reunions? Would be glad to hear from anyone I was with at Sangley. When I left Sangley, I transfered to FPO San Francisco, made PC2 and got discharged Aug. 1972. I came back to Nebraska and worked for the BNSF Railroad for 35 years and retired.

Posted 4-10-10
Dave Wakefield, 1962 - 1964

My name is Dave Wakefield. I was stationed in Sangley Point in 1962-1964. I was a DK and worked at the Disbursing Office. Sangley was undoubtedly my best tour in the Navy. I met my wife in Manila and married her in 1963. I stayed in the Navy and retired in 1976. I would appreciated hearing from anyone.

Posted 4-10-10
William (Bill ) Combs, RMSN, Feb.1964 - Aug.1965

I served in the "Radio Central" (upstairs) for a short while then was transfered to the message center (downstairs) for the remainder of my tour at Sangley. I was the "run-off - messenger" guy the night of the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident, where we recieved the SOS messages from the USS Maddox & USS Turnerjoy. Made lots of good friends and remember having a lot of good times together at the ole swimming pool, playing Pool, dancing with the USO girls at Club Orient, R & R trips to Pocasahan (sp) Falls shooting the rapids and almost losing my " antique Kodak camera" while trying to take pictures coming down thru the rocks (boulders) on the way back to the starting point, the trip to John Hay Airbase outside of Baguio, the trip to Corrigador Island to see where General McArthur made his famous" I shall return" speech (great scenery and boat ride in Manila Bay, the rides on the Hydrafoil (sp) boat from Sangley to Manlia for great liberty outings and most of all, partaking of the good but powerful San Miguel beer.................... Can't remember everyone's name, but the ones that come to mind are: Bill Graham, Ron Wetmore, Tim Keevama (sp), Jim Bixler, Ron Envoleson (sp), Joe Bradley, Tyler Hartman, Jim Benham and Ron Jacobson (shorty), who were my fellow radio comm center co-harts........and great guys to boot!!!!! Woul sure like to hear from anyone who knows how I could get in touch with most of them, as the only ones that I have had the good fortune to make contact with is Bill Graham (Phoenix, Az.) and Ron Wetmore (Naches, ID.).......Thanks  

Posted 4-18-10
Bob Ranes, PN3, Apr 1955 - June 1957
Base Personnel and Education Office

I also was in a country band called "The Sangley Wranglers".  I remember J. O. Ward, John Wesley (Criss) Cross, Neil Brooks, and others that I can still see their faces but names now escape me.  I would like to hear from anyone that knew me. 

Posted 4-18-10
Gil Teel, DK3, 1965

Played on Base Basketball Team, bowling, Supply softball team. Paid every in cash twice per month I think, hard 2 remember   lol. Would love 2 hear from any old friends. Donna Fields, Sgt Brooks, Henry Minion, Charles Brinkley, T. Brown. I live n Los Angeles, Ca.

Posted 5-30-10
Jack Hinshaw , 1969

My name is Jack Hinshaw and I was in VP-9, stationed in Cavite City, in 1969.  I am trying to locate a lady by the name of Gena, who worked in the bar named, "Daisy Mae's"  This bar was located next door to Tia Maria's bar.  Gena live with her friend, Virgie, who use to live with Doug Stevens during this period.   Anyone having knowledge of Gena, Virgie or the Daisy Mae, please contact me.

Posted 5-30-10
Donnie Crawford, 1962 - 1964

I was stationed at Sangley Pt. 62-64.  I Started out in the Information / Education office (about 3 months) and was sent to the MP / Slore Patrol Div after that. I was also on the Navy Pistol / Rifle Team and won the COMNAVPHIL Championship that year.  SgtMaj Samson was in charge of the team.  Had the chance to go back twice while riding the CVS-33 Kearsarge in fall of 64.  Would like to hear from guys that were stationed there. Jeff Funk was PN1 in the I / E Office. Anyone been in touch with him, please let me know.

Posted 5-30-10
Bob Stockman, 1956 - 1957

Hi, My name is Bob Stockman, I was a AD3 USN, we used to fly into Sangley PT. in 1956 and 1957. Had lay over crew there. Would stay for 3 days, then go to Atsugi. Pulled some great liberty in Cavite. Good San M. beer. Once had "follow me truck" try to go under our plane, R6D. Tore hole in skin. Had to stay extra day to get it repaired, Back to Cavite. Toughduty. Nice to talk to some one who has been there.

Posted 5-30-10
Jess Brooks, RM3, 1953 - 1954

I would be interested in any contact with personnel that served at Sangley Pt. between '53 & '54 at NAVCOMFACPHIL.  I have a list of names if anyone would be interested in receiving them.

Posted 5-30-10
Claude Pope (Pete), 1964 - 1967

My name is Claude Pope but I went by Pete. Stationed at Sangley from Nov 1964 to March 1st, 1967. I was a QM3 assigned to the Movement Report Office, Staff of COMNAVPHIL. I lived in Hut 5-12, down where the road ran between the ball field and Quonset huts. People I remember: Cdr Carpenter, Lcdr Schultz and Colmie, Ens Jackson, Ltjg Bunjie, QMCM Hanna, QM1 Stevens and George, YN3 Bonk, QM3 Toups.  These are names I remember but remember lots of faces but can’t recall names. Events I remember: a dependent wife shot and killed her Lcdr husband, who worked in the Personnel Office. This occurred off base. A PO1 was teaching a PO3 how to skydive and both were killed in a skydiving accident. I believe they were with Air Ops. A Marine Corporal, believe his name was Richards, was assigned as the Admiral’s driver and was killed in Vietnam in 1966? He lived in the Marine Barracks. Best duty ever! Being on the Admiral’s Staff, all we had to do was work our shift, then you were off. No extra duties like firewatches, etc. Worked two 12-hour day shifts with 72 hours off and two 12-hour night shifts with 48 hours off. When you were not at work, you could go anywhere you wanted in the Phillipines. Had one inspection in 2 years 3 months there. Eddie was our hut boy but he was a lot older than me. Anybody out there from 1964 to early 1967?

Posted 5-30-10
Jim Gillock, 1967 - 1969

I was stationed at Sangley Pt from Aug 67 - Aug 69, Line Schack. AE3, then, retired at AZ1

Posted 5-30-10
Arthur Dahlgren, 1945

Arived at Sangley Point in early May 1945 with CASU F  58. Came from Moritie with FAW 17, servicing PBY s. Pitched tents near main gate, only gate under the 600 foot radio towers. First job was building a water tank for the CBs, under supervision of a chirf who lived in Cavete and just got out of POW camp, His family lived there also. Next assigned to the CBs to build quonset huts nead the old hospital Worked from 0600 to 1800 daily. I was a AO3. Remrmber clinbing to the top of one radio tower, riding around the location in PBYs The sinking of a PBM by our rearming boat. Daily ordnance loads on seaplanes, a 14 hour hop to Formosa and back, a trip to Corregador in Dec. Trips to Tagatay ridge. Manila. Dumping ammo off the shore line. Made AO2 and cought a PB4Y2 seaplane to pearl via Siapan, Majuro Johnson isl and Oahu. Stayed in for 30, Made LCDR, specialty EOD.

Posted 1-16-11
Edward White, 1967 - 1968

Edward R. White, ADJAN, AMD, Prop Shop 1967-1968.  If any of you all have knowledge of the guys who were on the Rescue/Recovery that went to Ruby Towers.  I was one of them and I ran a Jack Hammer.  We were up on the high end because that's where the flip, that was in charge, wanted us to work.  They were afraid that all of the after shocks might bring it on down.  Go figure, being expendable makes you really feel important.  There was more looting then saving lives and the rats were having a feast.   Thanks.

Posted 1-16-11
Paul Le Mat, ATN3, Avionics, 1966

It was great at Sangley Point in those days. The town of Cavite City was fun and interesting. I also got over to Cam Rhan Bay for a bit. I was in VP-48. Remember Marie T's and Cora's Upscope, and the heat and the rain. Had a motorcycle too which I shipped back to the U.S. but it just wasn't the same. Nothing like a tour of duty at Sangley. Best time of my life, as others here have said.  

Posted 1-16-11
Jerry Byrnes, AEAN, May 1952 – May 1954
Crash Crew, Fire House

Would like to find some of the old crew. Skip Wilcox, Dick Netro and many others. Had continual landing problems with  AJ 1 Savages. Stood many watches at the end of the runway with a squadron of C 47’s. We were told they belonged to General Chenault as well as nurse maids for a British Sunderland that ruptured its keel landing in the bay.

Posted 1-16-11
John, Ground Electronics, ET-3, 1970-1971

Looking for Andy and Millie Anderson.

Posted 1-16-11
Pat Morrison, ADJ3, Crash Crew, June 1965 - January 1967

Would like to hear from other Crash Crew members. Already in touch with Charles Blatcher and Jim Harper. Looking to contact Joe Folse, Greg Joyner and others.

Posted 1-16-11
Charles Lee, 1960 - 1961

I was attached to Boat/Ops from Feb. 60 - Sept. 61. Boat/Ops has a Boat/Ops Reunion in April at Branson, Mo. If you were att. to boat/ops and are interested email me.

Posted 1-16-11
Edward R.White, ADJ AN,  1967 - 1968

Worked in Prop Shop AMD Thanks Sgt. Holub Does any one remember Nick who worked in the tool crib. You remember how when the squadrons came they would send some of their men TAD to the different Departments.  We got this one guy from one of the P-3 squadrons and me and Roger D Clucky sent him over to the tool crib to get a bucket of prop wash. Man what fun that was.  Any one remember just before the Typhoon hit and they closed the runway down for flights, how some of us guys would rig a sail on one of those ground equipment flat carts and go sailing down the runway.  Anyone remember when the Marine Corps Birthday was coming up and they got a few of us squids familiar with the Forty-Five and the riot shotgun.  I stood guard at the boat launch to Manila.  The Marines loaded me down with enough firepower to wipe out the population of Cavite.  How about Louis Molanary.  He was from the Bronx. He loved my Tenn accent. Man he was some partying hound dog. I seen him do the alligator dance, that was so funny. My hut boy was Bogie Ramus and I got to go to his wedding.  Man a Catholic wedding will sure bring the tears out of a person.  How about the P-2 squadron that had to dump all of their equipment into the drink so they would have enough fuel to get to Sangley.  I remember one of them couldn't stop, one engine prop feathered, he slammed into the rocks at the end of the runway and broke into. No one was hurt, just a little pride. Remember the Marine who shot the crap out of that HUK who ran through the front gate, stole a bicycle and wouldn't heed the Marines command, so he shot the crap out of him. Liberty off base was canceled for a while.  Did any of you guys ever try a baloot, the unhatched duck egg they would bury in the hot sand for nine days.  I was a butterfly boy, who wasn't.  I have so much more to tell but since I'm on the Sangley Message board and If by chance you participated in the rescue/recovery at Ruby Towers then I would like to hear from you. I was there when they found the gold bars which disappeared, and when the two little girls were found still a live, man that was a real miracle, and I was there when the smell was so bad that the lime didn't help. Later Guys, I loved the PI but I had some interesting assignments when I left from there.  If anyone goes back over eat a pungee stick for me and try to go to the Crucifixion when they actually get nailed to a cross.  

Posted 7-25-11
Arvid Nelson, ATN2, AIMD, Feb '68 to Jun '70,

This was two of the best years of our Navy career.  Good duty, great shipmates, a lot of fun around the base and the island and met many good Filipinos. The previous posts bring to mind many, many good experiences we had. Fair Winds and Following Seas. Arvid & Linda Nelson

Posted 7-25-11
David Stanley Black, AC2, Air Operations, 1958 - 1960

I mainly worked in operations with some experience in the tower.  During this time Capt. Lang was the Commanding Officer.   I would like to hear from any of the air traffic controllers.  I remember Tom Babon, George Eldridge, two brothers George and Ron from St. Louis, Dan Gibbions from Iowa and Ron McIntire from Missouri.   I was transferred from Sangley to the USS Coral Sea and served until being discharged in August 1961.  I have many fond memories of my time in the Navy, and especially at Sangley.   I entered college after my discharge and upon graduation traveled, with an international group of students, for two years in the Middle East studying the Arabic language and local customs.   I met my future wife during these two years and proposed to her in Baghdad.  We were married in Dec, 1967 in Gosport, IN.  We have two sons and thirteen grandchildren.   I became an ordained Baptist minister and served in different denominations.  From 1974 - 1985, my family and I worked with congregations in the Philippines (in Mindanao, Leyte and Luzon).   Presently, I work part-   time as a hospital chaplain in Bloomington, IN and pastor a small congregation in Gosport.   I am a ham operator - KA9YAV.  Presently off the air, but hope to be back within the next month.  I also have recently completed training as a Severe Weather Observer for West Central Indiana.   I welcome the response from anyone stationed at Sangley, but especially my buddies.  I would really like to hear from Dan Gibbons and Rod McIntire since we went to Great Lakes Boot Camp at the same time. 

Posted 7-25-11
Ron "Bush" Buchnat, AMS3  June 1, 1967-July 31, 1967

I was an aircraft mechanic in VP-4   I was in VP-4 and was sent TAD to Sangley Point from Iwakuni, Japan on June 1, 1967 to perform minor maintence on our P3-A Orion's rotating back to Iwakuni from bases in South Vietnam. At Sangley, we lived in quonset huts that were set up along the taxi way which was adjacent to the runways. The huts had room for 12 men, were hotter than hell, but we did have a refrigerator which was well stocked with San Miguel Beer. We parked our planes between the huts with the nose in first. The wings overhung the tops of the quonset huts. It was always noisy, to this day I can't remember there ever being a quiet time. We had some great times in Caviti City. A good friend of mine, C.E. Thomas, AMH2 and I also enjoyed going over to Pasay City on the nickel snatcher to watch and place some small wagers on the cock fights. We also spent some absolutely crazy times at Charlie's Bar & Grace Hotel in Manila. Man-those were the days !!!!!!! I would enjoy hearing from anybody that was in VP-4 from 1964-'68.

Posted 7-25-11
Raine Burlington

I'm looking for my grandfather who served the US Navy in Naval Air Base, Sangley Point, Philippines, if I'm not mistaking around 1954-55. I don't know much information about him because my grandmother (Clarita N. Filipinas) tried to hid all information about him. They had a child, my dad named Larry Dan Burlington who was born Jan. 29, 1956. I've been trying my best to look for my grandfather but to no avail. I do hope that somehow I could learn about him here. Name: Joe Dan Burlington or Dan Burlington Born: Feb. 22 19??

Posted 7-25-11
MSgt. Frederick Brickman - Sangley Pt. 1961-1963

Looking for MSgt. Frederick Brickman, He was stationed 61-63. He is in charge of the Main gate and the brig. Anybody remember him. Thanks... Jay Obusan

Posted 4-7-12
Cpl. James F. Smith USMC,

Served two duty tours at Sangley Point Naval Base from 1958 ~ 1961 as the Admiral driver to two different Admirals. My first was Admiral Griffin and Rear Admiral Carson. I also was the driver and body guard for Mrs. Carson on and off the base. I was station at the Marine Corp guard section under Col. King but was assigned to the Navy as the Admiral driver. Great duty and I loved every day of serving and being a Sharp looking Marine.   Like to hear from any old Jarhead out there.   Now living on the East Coast retired and turning 73 in June.

Posted 4-7-12
Tyrone Schmidling, RMSN, 1960 - 1962
Worked at communications building

Used to hang out at the Safari in the then "downtown area of Cavite where Radio Road turned. Another bar out by the checkpoint too but can't remember the name. I had a friend named Nevitt. My girl friend's name was Susy. I used to play guitar at the EM Club and hired a band of Filipino musicians. People always requested "Honky Tonk". I worked for an Ensign Leonard among others. I had a great time there but I probably drank too much. A lot of partying in those days. I had an accident the night before I was to leave for stateside. I came home on a hospital plane. I'm lucky to be alive. Even though memory of names has faded, I've always remembered the Sangley Pt/Cavite experience.

Posted 4-24-12
Edward R. White, ADJ AN, 1967-1968
AMD Prop Shop

NAS Sangley Point   I ported in the bay quiet a few times while aboard the USS Hornet and The USS Hancock.  While I was at Sangley I would visit sometimes.  I enjoyed the PI and will never forget her. The reason I'm sending you all a message is I have been trying to locate fellow servicemen from Subic and Cubi who were apart of the Rescue/Recovery at Ruby Towers in Manila on August 2 1968 and the week fallowing.  That's when the 7.3 earthquake collapsed the Towers and killed close to 300 people.  I know thee were personnel from just about all the US facilities in the PI there.  If by chance you were there or you know of someone who was please contact me.

Posted 4-24-12
DT1 Art Eadie, 1970 - 1971

I was stationed at the Dental Clinic in '70-'71. I'd like to talk with anyone who was there during that time period. I was an dental equipment repairman and had to take care of Subic, Cubi, the ships, San Miguel, and Sangley Point. I had an interesting and fun 2 years in the PI and was sorry that everything closed down there. Anyone who wants to talk can email me.

Posted 6-27-12
Trevor Henderson, 1967-1970,
Son of CWO2 Delvin D. Henderson, Fleet Weather

Just wanted to post and say hello.  I was born on Sangley Point NAS in October 1968.  Dad worked at Fleet Weather.  We moved back to the States around my 1st birthday so of course I don't remember anything about being there.  Dad passed away in 1972.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or my mom Ida.

Posted 10-02-12
AMS1 Haskel Ward, Oct '67 - Sep'70
NAF Cam Rahn Bay, RVN, TAD to Sangley Pt for 60 days

I was stationed at Cam Rahn Bay RVN,,reported there while NAF was still under construction in Oct.'67. We were being sent TAD to Sangley Pt for 60 days at a POP. Then back to RVN at the end of the 60 day period for a day or two into the next month, so as to get combat pay for 2 months, while waiting for the Bks, mess hall , EM CLUB, etc to be constructed. I spent 6 mos TAD to AMD airframes & played basketball for AMD,  I especially remember "Rocky" a filipino employee who worked at the gym, but don't remember what his position was, but do remember that he got awfully mad at me for a "DUNK" shot I took while playing a game against the supply dept. the onlookers went wild, but Rocky went berserk. He stopped play after I took the shot and measured the hoop to see if I had bent it.!<<< hahahaha >> not to mention the ass chewing I was getting in Tagalog. Supply won, they were good. I remember spending time at a bar called "The Ugly American" & several other bars that were frequented by VP sailors. (they had the sqdn logos plastered all over the place. I Loved Sangley and it will always have a special place in my heart / memory. I wanted duty there after RVN, but ended up in Japan with CFWP. Was able to make several trips back before they closed the gate. God Bless all who are still around that remembers Sangley Pt!

Posted 11-9-12
Randall Van Dusen, USN, 1969 to 1976

I am looking for Dale Collins who served on the Coast Guard side in 1971, he was a friend of AEI John Ried and his wife Brenda Reid (John is also an ex-coast guard member). Dale Collins seems to have transferred to the USCGC WHITE SUMAC (WLM-540) aka (WAGL-540) after Sangley closed. Dale has a family member here in the states that would like to meet him and I would like to help make that meeting happen.

Posted 11-9-12
Willard Hunter, AT2, NAS Cubi Point 1970-72

I was a navigator and radioman aboard NAS Cubi Point aircraft in 1971 and 1972. We flew into NAS Sangley Point in early June 1971. We landed at the same time the bank robbers hit the American Express bank, stole about $42,000, and killed a Marine Lieutenant. It was a sad and memorable day. A couple weeks later we flew to Okinawa. I spoke with the American Express Bank manager and his wife on the flight. The Navy flew them out of the Philippines because the bank robbers (members of the Cavite City police department) threatened their lives. I asked him where he had gone to school to qualify as a bank manager overseas. He graduated from an International Business School in Glendale, AZ. It sounded good, so I went there in 1972, and got a graduate degree in International Business. I then spent several years in sales in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Posted 12-6-12
Gilbert Oros, Aug 1970 - Aug 1971

Hi my name is Gilbert Oros, Was in Sangley Point from Aug. 1970 to Aug. 1971 when the base was closing down. I was a BM3 started out as the Master at Arms at the chow hall for a month or so,then became a base Police on base for the remainder of time. I remember a Shaw or Sharp BM3 who was also a patrolman there.  Him and a friend, both of whom made BM2 before we left, and I all had motorcycles that we rode every where. Great times and loads of fun serving there.  We use to go scuba diving thanks to the Boat Ops for the boats and Mess Hall for the box lunches.  And the wall to wall bars down town.  Met a lot of great guys there.  Even joined the Buddha club at the local Zebra club, between that and the Jackass club I won many a beer there when someone forgot their Buddha doll or forgot the Jackass answer.  All and all would gladly do it again.

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