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Posted 11-9-12
CWO4 Jerry C. Mills, USN (RET)

I was stationed in the Philippines the first time at San Miguel from Jun 66 to Feb 68, and then two seperate Clark assignments from Feb 78 to Feb 78 and Sep 84 and Aug 87. During my tours in the PI, I held ranks of CTRSN. CTR3, CTR2, CTR1, CWO2, CWO3 and CWO4.  I have extremely fond memories of the Philippines and the Salores / Friends that I had the fortune to work with. Chris.... Please let me know when you plan to have the next Clark Reunion and I'll make it. My health isn't what it used to be, as you all remember, I was the perfect ruler - 4 EYES, 4 EARS AND 4 INCHES.  I think my most memorable occasion in the Philippines was when I assumed the unofficial rank of "OIC NSGD Balibago".  Those were the days guys. We'll never see them again. Very warm regards to all. Pensacola, FL

Posted 11-18-12
Steve Lambert, CTSN and CTI3, 1967 - 1970

Steve Lambert, CTSN and CTI3, Vietnamese linguist, mostly at Det Alpha in Phu Bai or with Sub-Unit One in Dong Ha, but I went back and forth from San Miguel from September 1967 to February 1970. One 5-month TAD aboard CG-11 Chicago. I remember working with Bill Kirby, Marty Gaston, Jim Reed, Doug Gallant and Ken Stetson. Worked for a MSgt Overall. After I got out in March 1970, I came back and, along with Rich Fox, opened a bar called the Fox and Dirty Lorenzo's in the Crossroads. I stayed in the P.I. until the end of 1970.

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